Weekly Budget Template

Weekly Budget Template for Smarter Planning

Going over budget is something that happens often to people but can be prevented. One way to avoid this situation is by crafting a weekly budget. That way, you will have more control over your income and expenses. Do you want to learn more about this matter?

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What are the Benefits of Budgeting on a Weekly Basis?

There are certain benefits that you can gain from creating a budget list on a weekly basis instead of monthly.

  1. Accommodates people who receive a weekly salary

Some people receive a salary on a weekly basis. It will be hard for them to create monthly budgeting files with such a system. Thus, this budgeting system will work better for these people. With good preparation, they might even be able to save up a lot to create a more complex budgeting system later on.

  1. Allows you to purchase things more regularly

You might be one of the people who enjoy having fresh food but do not have a big amount of money to spend. In monthly budgeting, you spend less money because you purchase everything in bulk. But it probably means that you rely more on frozen food and other types of food that do not go bad easily. Creating a weekly budget allows you to shop more often within supervision.

  1. Better control over household finances

To some people, monitoring the flow of money in a small amount is a lot easier than monitoring a huge amount of money. Thus, even if someone receives a considerable amount of monthly salary, they still prefer to create a budgeting per week basis. It allows you to focus on smaller aspects within households. That way, the chance of going over the budget can be lowered significantly.


What Should You Include in the Plan?

  1. Income

You should write down how much money you allocate per week in your weekly budget. That way, you know the maximum amount that you are allowed to spend every week.

  1. List of expenses

The list of expenses must be written down meticulously to prevent you from overspending. You can plan what kind of things you are going to spend money on while leaving blank rows at the bottom for unexpected expenditures.

  1. Total of expenses

You should write down the amount of money you spend on each expense. After that, you can make the total calculation of your weekly expenses. It provides you clear gist of your financial situation.

  1. The discrepancy between income and expenses

You can easily make a comparison between your income and total expenses. If you went overboard that week, you can immediately make some adjustments to your expenditure components.


Template for Per Week Budget System

In this template example, the list of expenses is already written down on the left side of the page. Besides the list, you will see the column for budget allocation and actual money spent for each expense. It can provide you the illustration of the actual condition happens so that you can plan your weekly budget better in the next week. In the bottom, you should write down the total expenses that you pay for your necessities that week.

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