Weekly Activity Report Template

Weekly Activity Report Template and Some Common Template Formats

Every day, people do many kinds of activities. Some of the activities are done daily and there is nothing specific about it.  However, it will be different when it is activities related to jobs or responsibility. Sometimes, these should be reported. That is why the weekly activity report templates can become a necessary document. This template can help people easily make reports.

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Weekly Study Log Template

Students can become one of the people who need to pay attention to their activities. Of course, when it is about students, their responsibility is to study. In this case, they may need reports to see how they study properly for a certain duration. However, they may also need a study log.

Templates Blank Weekly Activity Report

A study log can help them to manage the schedule. This can be made weekly and it can help students when they want to study. At least, they can have better time management and they will know what to do since things are already written and organized in the log. Moreover, they will not forget about the homework and assignments.

Weekly Business Report Template

In addition to students, staff or employees will also need to make the weekly activity report template. This kind of report is important for certain employees who have special tasks to do certain activities and these are out of the routine jobs, such as visits and other activities.

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Those who have specific jobs in the company will need to make a report weekly. This is to inform the activities. The results of the activities may also be written down in the reports, so these can become useful recommendations or inputs for the company.

How to Make the Weekly Activity Report Template

It is actually quite easy to make the weekly activity report template. There are some easy steps to follow and these can become useful information for the people who need to make the reports.

1.  Create the title

This is quite easy since it is only about the activity report. The title should be clear enough.

2.  Write down the executive summary

This will give a summary of a person’s tasks or assignments in doing the activities. It may also the explanation of the job description.

3.  Make the lists

This is the most important part. All activities must be listed chronologically. The information should also be mentioned, such as time and location.

4.  Give a recommendation

At the end of the report, the conclusion can be given. Then, recommendations or suggestions are also important to include.

Weekly Activity Report Template Formats

In terms of document formats, there are many possible formats to find. Since it is related to the documents, of course, the common format is the doc and docx since these are formats for the Microsoft Word, like the popular app to process the document.   Templates Employee weekly status report Templates Engineering Weekly Activity Report Printable Templates Example Sample Personal Activity Report Templates excel weekly sales Templates Information Resources Management Weekly Report Sample Templates Justice Administration Weekly Activity Report Tempalte Word Doc Templates Personnel Activity Report Excel Format Download Templates Printable New Weekly Report Form Example Templates Printbale Weekly Status Report Excel Download Templates Sample Weekly Status Report Editable Download1 Templates Weekly Work Activity Report Format Download

Then, there is also a format for the Apple Pages. This may be less popular than the previous ones, but it is still necessary for those who are users of Apple devices. Moreover, people also start to use Google Docs on many kinds of occasions, so there is also a weekly activity report template format for this document.

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