Wedding Budget Template

Wedding Budget Template for Efficient Wedding Planning

Creating a budget plan for a wedding is not exactly fun, especially if you have to make it from scratch. You do not need to worry anymore because you can download the templates from many internet sources easily these days. They are provided in spreadsheets and even text processing formats. There will be a discussion of several templates in this passage. Hopefully, you can find the perfect wedding budget template for your event.

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The Event-Based Template

The wedding might consist of several events. You might have a bridal shower, bachelor night, family party, religious ceremony, and others. Some templates are designed to compile the wedding budget template based on the event. Here is the common structure.

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  1. Categories based on the event

You should make special categories for each event that is a part of your wedding procession. In this template, there is a specific table for each event so that you can jot down the expenses based on the event.

  1. List of expenditures

Below each event category, you will be listing any kind of expenses made for that specific event. As an example, in a bridal shower, you need to list dress, decoration, booze, and other components. The expenditures for a family party might be slightly different than that.

  1. Total budget per event

There should be a space to calculate the total budget per event so you know how much money you spend on each one. It provides you a gist whether you go overboard with something.

  1. The total budget for the wedding

After that, you need to total the budget for each event so you will get the overall total of the wedding cost. The amount should be similar (or better, less) than the budget that you have prepared.


Category Based and Checklist Template

You can also choose the wedding budget template based on certain categories of wedding items. This way you can pick the one that has a checklist component in order not to miss any item in the wedding processing. Here is the common template that you can use.

Easy To Download Wedding Budget Template Free Download sample

  1. Item categories

You can also list the expenditures based on the categories. As an example, under the catering categories, you may list drinks, appetizers, main courses, and desserts. It ensures that you do not miss anything which will turn the wedding into a disaster.

  1. List of expenditures

You then list the expenditures according to categories as stated before. You must write down the exact amount of money you spend on each one.

  1. Expenses and total

Once you have written down the detailed expenditure and how much you spent on each one, you can then create the total for each category. After you get the total for every category, you can then total the entire cost of the wedding.


Simple Budgeting Template

The simple wedding budget template does not have a specific category. It only consists of one page and some expenses are merged into one. Perhaps it is because the bride is wearing hand-me-down wedding dresses or the party is held at home. Nonetheless, every expense is listed with the cost and total expenses are calculated at the end. Easy To Print Wedding Budget Worksheet For Download sample Prinatble Wedding Budget Template For Download sample Wedding Budget Checklist Template For Free Download sample Wedding Budget Template For Free Download sample Wedding Budget Template PDF Format Free Download sample Wedding Budget Template XL Sheet Download sample


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