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Preparing a Professional Summary Report

Before making any investments to your business, potential investors have a tendency to look for a summary report that consisted of one or two pages rather than reading a hundred pages of reports or proposals related to the company’s financial, marketing, etc.

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The Advantages of a Summary Report

Summarizing particular information in writing a summary report will allow you to save your precious time and say goodbye to the long report which has a great possibility to trigger boredom of the target audiences.

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Another benefit you can get by summarizing a report is a privilege to remember every single detail of the report without searching the information in purpose and going through the long report. In the presentation of a report, the summary will support a quick presentation by presenting important points only to the audience.

The Goals of Making a Summary Report

Even though it is short, a summarized report set some clear goals that might direct to great advantages. Summarizing the report has a main goal to analyze the related issue, to draw the conclusion, and suggest recommendations to provide the target audiences with important details of the related field. Finally, it will convince the report readers to take responsive actions.

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How a Summary Report Work for Its Target Audience

Various target audiences gain amazing benefits from the summary report. Students commonly write one before the exam comes. Employees of a company will summarize the report that they will explain during the presentation.

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Furthermore, a company treasurer could make a summary of the financial report of the company before presenting it to the authorities. In the other hand, company auditors may summarize their audit reports.

Tips to Write a Professional Summary Report

Writing a summary report might sounds easy, but it actually needs the right technique and requires high accuracy in filtering the important information to include in the content. If you want to nail your work in summarizing the report in front of your target audience, the followings are some tips that may be useful to help you.

1.  Make an outline

Include sections of the report as the outline and add a short explanation to socialize about the limit of the discussion in each section.

2.  Include only important points of the event

How to set the key points? Try by eliminating supporting words, reduce repetitions, and remove unimportant explanations.

3.  Be sharp and concise

Remember that the nature of this report is conveying important details clearly to the target audiences, not to retell everything.

4.  Utilize bullets and points

Rather than paragraph, presenting the information in bullets or points will keep you to be concise easier. Note that what you write in the bullets and points should be under the same pattern of grammar.

5.  Proofread the report

It is highly suggested to re-read the summarized report to prevent the intolerable amount of errors and mistakes. If possible, ask someone else that is capable enough to check your report. You might have to do major or minor editing to make the report more valuable to present to the target audiences.    Templates Payroll Summary Report Download Templates Periodic Summary Progress Report Word Download Templates Public Meeting Summary Report Download Templates Test Summary Report Word Download Templates Trainer Summary Report Word Download Templates Validation Summary Report Download


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