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Establishing a proper, understandable, and smart social media report is one of the several keys to achieving a successful social marketing plan. The report should contain accurate, concrete, relevant, and data-driven accomplishment from social media management. The company has to be able to learn about the incorporate lesson by the cyber campaign activity. Here, you’d find various templates of the report in different formats such as Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Illustrator, and so on. They can help you to present the data with the needed analysis.

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Social Media Report Templates

Social media report is a document comprised of data and statistics about the growth of a business’s social network account. It could be anything from a raw number presented in the spreadsheet to visually pleasing presentation slides with informative charts and graphics. To create the report, it depends a lot on the purpose you aim it for. Here are several tips on how to decide the structure of your report and find the correct template:

  1. Determine the target audience.
  2. Determine the substance, whether it is used to report a particular campaign or frequent progress.
  3. Decide about the relevant information related to the context of two previous points.

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Social Media Report Tools

The report that you created must be based on accurate analytics data. You can use the data that’s provided from the social networks. Below are the useful tools to serve the information in the several kinds of social media:

1.  Facebook insights

The data from the Facebook business page of your can be gathered from the Insights menu. There you’d find the visual presentations of major metrics, that are clickable to see the more detailed information such as the number of likes, reach, and so on.

2.  Instagram insights

The analytics data of your Instagram account can be viewed from the Insight menu inside the three bars icon on the top right section. It contains activity data for the last 14 days such as profile visits, interactions, reach, and impressions.

3.  Twitter analytics

To open the analytic data of your Twitter account, click on the drop-down menu near the avatar icon on your profile. You would see the key analytic data. More detailed data may be seen through the top menu actions such as ‘Audiences’ or ‘Tweet’.

Social Media Report Contents

There are several common categories of information to include in the social media report. Check out the following list to find out typical contents included in the report

  1. Amount of post
  2. Amounts of followers gained or lost
  3. Amounts of likes, comments, and shares
  4. Amount of page views
  5. Amounts of click from post links or bio link
  6. Amount of story views
  7. Amount of post views
  8. Post reach

Download Social Media Report

Get the templates for social media reports right now from this page for free just by a few simple clicks. You’d find different templates with different designs, from the basic to the infographic ones. They will you’re your reporting work much easier and done faster.  Templates Mobile Messaging and Social Media 1 Templates monthly social media report Templates Sensis Social Media Report Templates social media analytics report 1 Templates Social Media Benchmarks Report 1 Templates Social Media Intelligence Report 1 Templates Social Media Marketing Industry Report 1 Templates YellowTM Social Media Report 1

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