Small Business Budget Template

Take a Big Control with a Small Business Budget

Just like big business, the small one needs a budget for the same benefits but on a smaller scale. A small business budget helps in reviewing the business performance objectively, act as the motivator for the business’ future steps, and also identify the business decisions that have to be fixed for better results. Consider these important notes to succeed in your small business by creating a budget!

Small Business Budget Template sample


Set an Easy-accessed Budget

Accessibility is crucial for budget method since you have to list, update, and review it constantly. Choose the most accessible method for your small business budget.

Small Business Administration Budget sample

While the annual budget is functioned as a benchmark to track the financial performance, the monthly budget provides a more detailed financial report of the small business. It will be easier to manage and control the business financially in a monthly period, besides you may compare the budget month-by-month to identify the performance and also to learn for better upcoming business decisions.


It is about Numbers!

Report these numbers in the small business budget to represent the financial state.

  1. Profit and loss

Subtract expenses from income to know whether your business is making money or even lose it. Consider your business assets, the payroll, and debt if there is any. A loss is a normal condition for small businesses, but not for the long term. Otherwise, you have to be careful with the profits you got. Consider carefully what you are going to do with it. The budget you make will work in deciding the business strategy.


  1. Balance sheet

A balance sheet is very handy by showing the dissonance between the assets and the liabilities. It tells the worthiness of a small business. For example, you will find the fund you have in your account, but on the other side, a balance sheet will show the taxes that have to be paid soon.


  1. Trial balance

The concept of a trial balance is showing the balance of all of the business’ accounts to ensure the readiness of the budget settlement.

Small Business Advertising Budget sample

It is very useful to convince any potential funder by a habit to create and to keep the business budget because they often set the balance sheets and cash flow to represent the business’s financial statements.


Budget Helps in Business Decisions

Keep in mind that creating a business budget will give benefits in determining business decisions since you are in a clear recognition and control of the numbers discussed above. With a budget, you will excel in making strategies for business, even in identifying the threat possibilities and finding the solutions. Furthermore, the business budget prepares to face any condition changes that might happen in small businesses and guide them to learn from it for your profit.


Consider to Use Accounting Software

To make the creating process of your small business budget less stressful, employing a budget app or accounting software may be a good choice since it works faster and has minor error probability. For additional plus point, it provides charts and graphs to represent business finance and cash flow that will make your budget more understandable.

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