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Printable Simple Expense Report Templates in Various Formats and Designs

Simple expense report templates are the basic pre-designed form used by employees of a business company to detail the expenditures along with the repayment. The report usually includes the receipt of expense if the amount exceeding the limit. The employer would examine the validity and accuracy of the report once it is submitted.

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Simple Expense Report Templates Components

These simple expense report templates on this page are made with basic format and design so it is easy to use or modify. They also contain core components of this type of report, which including the information below:

  1. Information on the date of expenditure, which should match with its receipt.
  2. The purpose of expending the fund, such as accommodation fund or stationary buy.
  3. The exact amount of expense, which should match with its receipt including the tax.
  4. The account that charged for the expense
  5. The subtotal for each expense category
  6. The subtraction for employees that are paid in advance
  7. The total reimbursement

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Simple Expense Report Templates Guides

Each company usually have and use their own procedure to create the expense report. However, the basic steps are mostly the same. Here is the basic guide on how to use the templates of expense report:

  1. List all of your business expenses and collect their receipts. Make sure you take them all out and then arrange them based on the date.
  2. Record the report by typing in your name and the details of each expense on the template. You may put notes to give additional information regarding it.
  3. Sum the totals of the expense and do a double calculation to ensure accuracy and avoid any error.
  4. Sign the report along with the date created. Attach the original receipt by stapling it to the document.
  5. Submit the report to your supervisor or employer, and wait for them to review and sign the report as an accepted indication.

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Simple Expense Report Templates Benefits

There are several key reasons why it is crucial to create a proper expense report. Read about this brief rundown of the importance of establishing the document before you download the simple expense report templates.

  1. It reduces the potential of fraud and inaccuracy. Studies about business company financial matters found that fraud from expense reports alone could cost up to 5% of the total revenue annually. Factor other things such as fees, fines, or honest error and the grand sum can be very surprising.
  2. It allows you to see where the money is being spent, how much of it is spent, and where you could possibly make a change to create more efficient money management for the company. The data could help make the business develop more in the future by doing a review, adjust, and create new strategies.

Simple Expense Report Templates Free Download

These simple expense report templates are available for free to download. You can use, print, and edit them as much as you want to make your reporting job for the business company much easier.   Templates Credit Card Expense Report Templates Editors Annual Expense Report Templates Employee Expense Report Templates Expense Report Excel 1 Templates Mileage Expense Report Templates Sample Expense Report Templates Travel Expense Report

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