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Making Simple Budget in Short Time

Budgeting may sound too complicated and many people are lazy to do it, even just a personal budget. The remaining people might think that a simple budget never works well. They cannot stick to what they have planned and start to think that budgeting is only a blueprint that you will never know if it will be realized as you wish. Despite this reality, making a budget is still crucial to managing your finance just like you cannot live in the world without rules.

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Remember. A page of the budget may save you from debts, protect your financial state, and help you to achieve your financial goals, so why don’t you start to learn how to make a simple budget instead? These tips are going to make budgeting easier!


Find the Budgeting Method

You are the one who knows the best method that works best to record your budget. It might be by writing manually on diary pages or paper, using a budget app, using simple budget templates, or choosing to create the budget from beginning with Microsoft excel. Make sure that the chosen one is the most accessible thing.

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Identify the priorities of your need before deciding what you want to do with your money. Setting the short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals are suggested to make it less complicated. Most the people are troubled in making a budget because they don’t set clear reasonable goals for the money they had.


Set the Budgeted Amount and Actual Amount

By recording these two categories constantly, it will be easier to plan the income usage, to track the differences between the budgeted and actual amount, and to adjust the differences or if there are any irregular expenses.


Differentiate Between Needs and Wants

People often spend money on what they want instead of what they need. Impulse spending is a real threat when you trapped in unplanned expenses because of any unhandled situations. For example:

  • When you feel sad, there is a tendency to spend money to make yourself better.
  • When you are in a good mood, the spending will go to keep it.
  • On vacations, spending an unbelievable amount of money becomes easier.

That is why separating between needs and wants is important to make a clear boundary and as a self-reminder. Focus on what you need.

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Even though it is a simple budget, try to write your monthly expenses as detail as possible. As a first experience, it might take time, but as you get used to doing it, maintaining a budget will be a simple task to do. Keep all of the purchase orders and bills then check your account regularly to help you in listing expenses.


Match Spending with Income

Match between the income and expenses by subtracting them. Fluctuations may appear and you need to make some adjustments to keep the simple budget works accurately. Remember that having extra money is better than not enough, since you may use the leftovers for savings, retirement funds, or anything else you like.

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