School Report Template

School Report Template with More Samples and Templates

The teacher has an obligation to create a school report. For your information, it is similar to a student report. In fact, both are the same report but for different purposes. The contents are scorecards and student achievement. You can use the school report template to make a proper one.

School Report Template Main Idea

Before exploring more about the school report template, some things are important to understand. The report is a formal document that explains certain aspects, events, projects, incidents, and anything. In school and academic institutions, people mostly recognize student reports. Such a report gives information about the achievement and accomplishment of students.

Templates Primary School Report 001

For a school report, the content is more than academic and student. Both are important but school is the organization that has the rule, regulation, and management. As similar to the company, the school manages affairs with the utmost effective management.

For such purpose, you see two types of reports: academic and non-academic ones. Academic is a report related to education, student progress, teaching and learning, and curriculum. For the non-academic reports, the topic will be finance, safety, health, and security. These reports determine the capability and reliability of the school.

School Report Template Design And Layout

Some reports have a specific layout with a standardized outline. The finance report for school is quite similar to what the company has. The only difference is the content and purpose. Schools may create a template that only they have. Such a report is dedicated to certain situations.

Another standardized template reports for student progress and achievement. This report uses a fixed layout with form and table. Parents and students can understand the content in that report.

School Report Template and Sample

At the following list, you can see some samples for the school report template. Each has a specific purpose, such as for academic, finance, trip, class session, and training. Some reports are dedicated based on a certain period like weekly, monthly, and annual. You can also see the report samples for the school incident.

  1. Weekly and monthly report
  2. Primary school report
  3. College report
  4. Academic student report
  5. Student progress report
  6. School incident report
  7. Trip report
  8. Year-end school report
  9. School training report
  10. Expense report
  11. Elementary school report
  12. High school student report

From the list above, you know some templates are the regular document to submit. The weekly and monthly report mostly has the same layout or outline. The teacher has a template when creating monthly student reports. The outline is already established. They just add the items, such as text, number, score, and statement.

School Report Template Benefits

You can use the template because it has some benefits. Check the next list for more explanation about them.

1.  Editable and scalable

One file is suitable for any report as long as compatible and relevant. You can change the layout but still, keep basic outline. The template is editable and scalable.

2.  Various platforms

Platform means template is available with many file types. You do not need to worry about compatibility. Files for the template are ready as PDF, Word, Apple Pages, and google docs.

3.  Free template

Last thing you consider having school report template is free without charge. All files are available with no fee. Everyone can download and edit freely Templates Primary School Report 002 Templates Sample School Report in Word 001 Templates Sample School Report in Word 002


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