Sample Training Report Template

Sundries of the Sample Training Report Template

Training reports are documents with the function of assessment and evaluation of specific training. The results of the report must be descriptive, critical, formal and progressive in a certain way, similar to the progress report as both aim to monitor the progress and challenges of the main training. The use of templates is highly recommended in the preparation of this report. It is due to a large amount of information delivered, so there is a possibility of human error. You can see some sample training report template as reference material, especially for those who have never made a report before.

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Hints for Writing in Sample Training Report Template

Even though you have used the templates to make effective training report, there are things you should pay attention to. You should make it look more attractive and easy to read or draw. Here are some tips to help you in preparing the report.

1.  Use the appropriate format

In every report, the format is very important. Format not only refers to font size, style, and margins but also how it is organized and categorized. Use attractive designs, such as formal color schemes, photographs, and other graphic images.

2.  Maintain a clean and neat report layout

In the training report, there are quite a lot of graphs and tables. Make sure there is space in between, so the report display doesn’t look too crowded.

3.  See the template

In writing a training report, the template will be very helpful in speeding up your work. Also, it helps you to pay attention to the place for design elements.

Type of Sample Training Report Template

In fact, there are various files of the sample training report template with many types and functions. Each report has a different purpose and function. Therefore, before choosing template, you should know the type of report you will make. Some types of reports template are as follows.

  1. Post Training Report Template
  2. Employee Training Report Template
  3. Annual Training Report Template
  4. Training Evaluation Report Template
  5. Industrial Training Report Template
  6. Training Evaluation Report Template

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The Format Used in the Sample Training Report Template

As mentioned earlier, the format is important as it can give an impression to the readers. Every company and organization has a different format. However, in general, the format used in the sample training report template is as follows.

1.  Objectives/goals

You must indicate the training objectives in full. Under this section, you can enter the competencies provided by the training program conducted.

2.  The names of participants and trainers

It is important to identify trainees and their trainers. You can also highlight the number of participants, types of organizations and the trainers who are appointed to deliver material in the course.

3.  Type of training

At the end of the training, trainers and trainees will evaluate the implementation of training holistically. These sections also function as conclusions which include training outcomes, gaps, and recommendations for improving training.

Tips for Choosing Sample Training Report Template

In choosing sample training report template, there are few tips you can follow. First is to find format that suits your needs. Then, you should choose a free sample template. Next is to choose a template that has an attractive design.  Templates Example of Test Report 1 Templates Lab Test 1 Templates Software Test Report 1 Templates Test Incident Report 1 Templates Test Report Email 1 Templates Test Report Form 1 Templates Test Summary Report 1

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