Sample Technical Report Template

Sample Technical Report Template for Your Need

Technical reports are commonly used in the field of scientific research or laboratory to share with the public. It aims to provide information that has been scientifically proven, so it is used as a study in the future. Making a technical report is not an easy task. It must include some research results and several other variables. Therefore, to prepare it easier, you can use the technical report template. Well, there are some sample technical report templates you can use as a reference.

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Using Sample Technical Report Template

Technical reports are quite complicated actually because it contains scientific research information, so the data used are very large. With so much data, there is a possibility of error. That’s why they use of templates intends to make the report look more presentable and detailed. Besides, by using free sample technical report template, you will not only make it easier for you, but also save the money.

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Who Can Use Sample Technical Report Template?

Even though this report is mostly used in projects and scientific research, businessman can also use sample technical report template; no matter how big your sales and business scale. For those who make technical reports from scratch, this template will greatly ease your work.

The Types of Sample Technical Report

Technical report itself has several types with different function. To help you better understand this, here are the types of technical reports that are commonly used.

  1. Proposed length of the report
  2. Instructions Technical background report
  3. Technical specifications report
  4. Feasibility report, recommendations, and evaluation
  5. Main research report
  6. A prospective business report

Sample Technical Report Template Format

As information, besides having different types, technical reports also have different formats depending on the function and purpose. However, sample technical report templates mostly have contents like the following.

1.  Title page

This page consists of the report title, the author’s name and the date the report was submitted. Be sure to write the name of the title in bold against a background that’s not too flashy (usually white). Pay attention to the length of the words written, including the number of words in summary and text words.

2.  Table of Contents Page

If the report is more than 5-6 pages, you can enter a table of contents or index page at the beginning of the report. With this, readers will be easier to find the page they want to read.

3.  Abstract

You can write a report abstract after listing the contents of page or towards the end of report. It must provide a digest or summary of the technical report. After reading it, anyone can understand the topic and what event was discussed.

4.  Introduction

It contains objectives and comments about how the report works. It must not be an introductory copy in the lab handout.

5.   Process Description

It contains an explanation of the ingredients and methods used. Under material section, there are conditions at the time of experiment, equipment, and the sample used. While in methods, you can write procedures in passive sentences.

6.  Experimental Results

The results of study must include here. You can also put pictures or graphics like tables, pie charts, etc.

7.  Discussion

You can explain the results supported by data. This will help the reader to get better understanding of the contents.

8.  Conclusions and References

Conclusions must be concise and precise. Don’t use long sentences. To avoid plagiarism, you should mention references cited from the source.  Templates Evaluation Technical Report Example Templates Final Technical Report Templates Sample Bibtex Technical Report Templates Sample MESA Technical Report Templates Sample Technical Report Latex Templates Sample Unofficial RI Technical Report Templates Standard Technical Report Example Templates Stormwater Control Plan Technical Report

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