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Best Free Templates of Sample SEO Report

Sample SEO report contains the key data summarized and the commentary about the done work for the clients for their insights. The report length can be anywhere from a brief record to the detailed a hundred pages document. It takes a while to create the report no matter what length it is. The templates provided below would give you a way to create the report to present data about website performance, organic traffic, domain metrics, and its rankings.

Templates Advanced Web Ranking and Seo Report

Sample SEO Report Elements

The only way clients can get an idea of the result of your work is through the report. They want to see how their money is spent effectively and understand the work as well as the progress of the site. It is important to use a sample SEO report that easy to understand.

Templates benchmark Seo report

Most report on the SEO contains three sections below:

  1. Insight for the clients: contains the summary of things of your knowledge to deliver to the clients. It also includes issues and future plans.
  2. Work progress: showing the progress of the site, such as the development you’ve done since the last time you serve the report to the clients.
  3. Recommendations: the list of things you recommend to achieve success for the client.

Sample SEO Report Components

The substance you need to include in the report often depends heavily on what the clients want. Different client demands different information even if it’s regarding the same matter. However, there are five basic components that must be inputted inside the document.

  1. The SEO health: insight of the technical issue and the errors that have possibility to affect the visibility of SEO.
  2. The ranking progress: a look of how the ranking fluctuates and the information to avoid future drop-offs.
  3. The backlink health: the backlinks type those points at the site.
  4. The progress of organic traffic: a brief summary about the organic traffic and what drives it.
  5. The leads/sales: the tangible ROI data that gained from SEO.

Templates Comprehensive SEO Audit Report

Keep in mind that the report is more than data dump document. The information and the way it delivered must make sense for the client. The report you presented have to be informative, communicative, and easy to read. Explore and explain how each metrics correlate with one another.

Guides to Use Sample SEO Report

To make proper and appealing information, the work isn’t over just after you’ve downloaded the sample SEO report. Follow these three steps to make an appealing and effective report for your client.

  1. Gather the relevant and necessary data
  2. Explain the data with simple wordings
  3. Make recommendations in order to make the report better and more informative

Download Free Sample SEO Report

No sample SEO report could fit any types of demand. However, finding the suitable templates of the report might be a big help as a starting point for you. You can get an idea about the structure and the format needed from the pre-made existing document. Find the template, download, and then edit it as much as you want to make it appropriate to serve your clients.   Templates General SEO Analysis Report Templates Googles SEO Report Card Templates Sample Client Monthly SEO Report Templates Sample Monthly SEO Report Templates SEO Analysis Report Templates SEO Marketing Report

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