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A school report is a form of document used b the school or college to make the students’ test scores, grades, or extracurricular activities are known for both the students and the parents. It is one of the most important parts of academic pursuits. Find several templates of sample school reports on this page to help you create an organized one with proper formatting.

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Sample School Report Types

Typically, there are types of school reports. The first type is the document contains an overview of the school activities and circumstances that put by the high school for college admissions purposes. It includes general information about the school such as the number of classes and advanced classes, the number of students in each class, the demographic information of the students, and so on.

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The second type is the school report made by a school counselor for the part of Common Application. The information included is more or less the same as the first type. However, for this type of report, the format is usually created for the specific school so you have to find the sample school report that’s really fit for the academic institutions.

Contents of the Sample School Report

The school report presents the context in which the comparison is built between the students inside the school and from another school. Here are several things that usually included inside:

1.  Students’ GPA and class rank

These kinds of information which can also be found on the transcript is collected at one document to make it convenient for the admissions officer. They allow the admission officer to determine the standards of the particular school.

2.  Student’s course load and the number of advanced courses

This information is useful to use as a benchmark for the students’ academic work. Questions related to the school’s curriculum can be answered for the admission officers.

3.  Percentage of graduated students that immediately attend a higher academic level

Schools with a 100% percentage of sending their student to higher academic institutions may have different settings from the one with a 30% sending percentage. It also allows the admissions to assess the student based on context.

4.  Counselor recommendation of the student

Some counselors in schools work with the student for the whole four years, while some others may have only several chances to meet. The information can be used to determine the appropriate amounts of the student being counseled.

Importance of Using Sample School Report

The importance of an essay for a college application has been talked often about already. However, the school report is one of the important components that often overlooked by the students and their parents. In fact, these templates of sample school reports include crucial information such as the academic program, recommendation letter, and the student’s transcript.

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Downloadable Sample School Report

Find various templates of sample school reports in different file formats and designs. All you have to do is downloading and customizing the report to match the specific requirements of the school or the institutions to serve the data about the students’ academic performance.   Templates primary school report Templates Report of the School of Engineering Templates school incident report Templates School Report Card

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