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Free Sample Research Report Template for Your Business Company

The sample research report template is the document with a preset format used by the investment research team such as strategist or analyst in an investment bank or stock brokerage. It typically focused on presenting data about the industry sector or just specific stock. It also contains data result from research on specific countries or geographic regions regarding its commodity or currency. You could also include recommended acts over ideas of investment for investors.

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Sample Research Report Template Purpose

When the researchers or statisticians are recording data after analyzing the information needed, the result is served in the research report. It is created after conducting research in an organized way with the methods of surveys or qualitative research.

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The main purpose of the sample research report template is to deliver integral information and relevant details about a marketing study in order to establish new strategies. It needs to be presented based on accurate facts, events, or incidents, to be an effective tool of communication for people who read it. The relayed objective and conclusion must also be evidence-based, written in a structured and neat format.

Sample Research Report Template Main Components

Sample research report template in this page would at least contain six basic parts, which are going to be explained in the following list:

1.  Summary

The summary contains the key elements of the report which was written in a brief but comprehensive way. It should be made in an appealing way to capture the attention of the readers.

2.  Introduction

The report is always made with certain goals or aims. In the introduction part, the basic goal must be covered in order to search the answer in a detailed way.

3.  Methodology

In this part, you should include information about the analysis method for the topic in chronology order. You should also input a reference of existing techniques from prior researchers if there’s any.

4.    Analysis Results

This section contains the results obtained from calculation and measurement from the gathered data. Do include a short narrative of the information.

5.  Discussion

This particular part is comprised of the discussion about the results, abnormality in it, and the comparative effort with similar reports. The points found inside the discussion part must be connected in order to be applicable.

6.  Conclusion

In this section, you have to conclude the findings during the research, as well as mention all the references you’ve taken from every author, journal, article or other pieces of content.

Sample Research Report Template Importance

Due to the competitive and volatile nature in the business world that has been going for a while now, it is crucial to do imperative research every time your company is going to launch new goods, services, or features. Various businesses are trying to compete in order to provide the most modern and most effective products to cater to the demands of their customers.

Sample Research Report Template Free Download

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