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Sample Project Budget with Editable Files

Any project needs a budget in order to do the estimation properly. You cannot start a business or project without knowing how much the cost to spend. In this case, the project manager must have a sample project budget. The sample is useful for guidance before preparing the real one.

Budget Template for Contribution Project Proposal sample

You can use the project budget due to some reasons. The budget has all things that are necessary for budget planners, such as the money, tool, material, timeline, and other resources. You may have funding or money, and you want the best project. For such purposes, budgeting will allocate money based on the priority list.


Several Examples of Project Budget

The sample project budget is also available for nonprofit events. School, college, and university often have events that require money. Those are the projects they want to accomplish. On the other hand, the project is categorized based on the timeline. Some of them are in the short term and the rest may be in the long term. Both have different budgeting. To know more about the list of project budget, check the following list.

Construction Project Budget Template1 sample

  1. Simple project budget

If you have a project, the simple budget seems the best choice. This is suitable for a small event that does not need many resources. Furthermore, the simple template is reliable for any editing. You just change a few items and then the project is done.


  1. Personal project budget

The project may come from a single person. You have an idea and want to implement it. This is where the personal project needs a proper budget. Since tour money is limited, the budgeting must be allocated efficiently.


  1. Monthly budget

A monthly budget is a part of a template that uses a timeline. In one month, you must accomplish what has been written in the budgeting. If the project needs extra time, you can create it again for the following months until everything is done. Long-term estimation is usually in the annual or yearly period.


  1. Construction project

The obvious project you can see is construction. It takes tons of resources that must be in proper allocation. The construction also consumes much money, especially for the big scale. You can estimate all expenses and analysis if the project is worth.


  1. Research project

Another project is for research on any scale. Many organizations provide grants or funding to do research. If you are eligible, the proposal must have a project budget.


The Template for Project Budget

The project budget has some variations based on the field or purpose. Keep in mind the project may be profit or nonprofit event. The profit project is usually a part of the business. The company creates this project as an investment, sales, marketing, or production. A new service or product is also an example of project.

Most templates are available in several file types, for example, word and excel template, online template, and printable template. They already show the common files you always find. Word and Excel are the most popular ones. Meanwhile, the online template is useful as long as the internet connection is available.  Project Budget Breakdown sample Project Budget Example sample Project Budget Pdf sample Project Budget Proposal Form Template Word Format sample Project Budget Template Free sample 1 Project Budget Worksheet sample SAMPLE Project Budget Outline Word sample Sample Project Budget sample


Moreover, the project budget looks different from others in terms of list and content. When you check and review it closely, the budget always has two aspects. They are expenses and income. The sample project budget explains the items that spend and earn money simultaneously. Both sides must always be in balance.


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