Sample Printable Budget Templates

Sample Printable Budget Templates with Practical Implementation

One basic rule in budgeting is the equality between spending and income. In general, you can spend many things as long as there is enough money in your pocket. That sounds simple, but you should work to maintain your balance. In order to do proper budgeting, you can use sample printable budget templates. The sample and template help to prepare the budget properly.

Basic Budget Template Printable sample

You must know that “needs” and “wants” are the reason why budgeting becomes necessary. For the “needs”, you must have them and the trouble will come if they are not fulfilled. On the contrary, “wants” are relatively safer. You can still live even though your “wants” are not fulfilled. Both are the key factors that influence the budgeting process.


The Benefits of Budget Template

The next section will explore the benefits of the budget template. As you can see, sample printable budget templates are dedicated to shortening effort when preparing the budget. You can use them to gain other benefits. More about them are listed on the following list.

  1. Financial control

Financial control means you know how much to spend and the amount of money at your disposal. Without control, you are at high risk for default. Spending is more than you earn. In the long term, the situation becomes more distress if you cover the deficit with a loan.


  1. Estimate expense and prevent overspending

The budget is useful to estimate expenses and prevent overspending. You can make a list consisting of items you must spend. For example, you will use the money for food, housing, transportation, utility, water, and electricity. Those expenses are always at the top list.  On the other side, you should avoid overspending to something that’s not too important. You can keep the list and always purchase stuff based on the budget.


  1. Saving and emergency

Income and expense must be equal, but this is not a safer way. You must put extra items called saving and emergency. The situation might not be in your favor when implemented that budget. If you experience unexpected things, saving the cost will be helpful.


Examples of Budget Template

Sample printable budget templates have many styles and variations. They start from the simple budget that’s applicable to almost purpose and situation. This kind of template is simple and practical. After that, most templates will have a particular outline, such as period, business, family, etc. Here are examples of the printable budget template.

  • Simple budget
  • Weekly budget
  • Monthly budget
  • Family budget
  • Business budget
  • Student budget
  • Bi-weekly budget
  • Personal budget
  • Wedding budget
  • Event budget

From the list above, some templates cannot be replaced, such as wedding and event budget. You should prepare a wedding with a wedding budget template. For the event, all items and costs are listed properly with excellent estimation.

You may have the skill to prepare a template on your own. The simple layout is not much difficult to make. Excel or spreadsheet software will handle properly. However, the complex budget with many items requires reliable template. This is where you consider a template because everything is already in the file.

Budget Planner Template Printable sample 2 Household Budget Template Printable sample Personal Budget Template Printable sample Printable Bi Weekly Budget Template sample Printable Family Budget Template sample Printable Monthly Budget Template sample Printable Wedding Budget Template sample

The file is available to download and access your device. Some of them are online templates that you can edit directly as long as the internet connection is available. That’s what you should know about sample printable budget templates.

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