Sample Investigation Report Template

Sample Investigation Report: Varieties and Guide to Complete It

The incident is not something uncommon in any part of life. After it happens you do not only need to deal with the following consequences. You also need to conduct an investigation to find out the cause of the said incident. Having a sample investigation report at hand will speed up that process significantly. Let’s see what you need to know about it.

Templates Crime Scene Investigation Report

Sample Investigation Report Objectives

The templates are very useful even when you are still planning to conduct the investigation. These templates make sure that you will not miss any aspect of your investigation. You can say that it provides a guideline for you to do a holistic investigation. By using the template, you are encouraged to conduct an investigation in tandem with report writing. This actually helps avoid biases.

Templates Employee Investigation Report Sample

Sample Investigation Report Varieties

1.  Criminal case report

There are report samples designed for criminal cases. In this report, you are working to investigate certain criminal cases by compiling evidence.

2.  Grievance report

You can also conduct an investigation on grievance reported by someone. The grievance may encompass bullying or even assault case. There needs to be an investigation to decide on its validity.

3.  Financial case report

You will find a sample investigation report for financial cases. This type of report is designed to handle financial issues-particularly in a massive organization or corporation.

4.  Accident report

When there is an accident, there needs to be an investigation conducted. It is done to decide on certain matters such as court settlement and insurance.

5.  Personnel issue report

Some cases involving the human resource of your company may also need investigation. Also, the HR department does not deal with core business too often, the issues within can create problems for the organization as a whole.

Sample Investigation Report Contents

1.  Information about person or organization being investigated

The first thing needs to be included is information about the person and organization being investigated. It includes the name, background information, and even a summary of the case.

2.  Data of investigator

To show that the investigation is free of bias, you need to include the data of the investigator. It may come in the form of a name and brief background information. The investigator also needs to sign the sample investigation report at the end.

3.  Evidence

When you are investigating something, you need to collect proof that will back up the result of the investigation. The evidence should be accountable and not fabricated.

4.  Sources of data information

When you are getting the evidence, you also need to mention the sources of that evidence. It is important to report this information honestly because of its relation to the credibility of your report.

5.  Detailed chronology

The report must be able to explain the detailed chronology of the event being investigated. This information is gathered from evidence, such as an interview with witnesses.

Sample Investigation Report Writing Tips

When writing a sample investigation report, there are certain tips that you need to adhere to. The first is reporting as honestly as possible. You should never falsify evidence that you mention in the report. The second tip would be documenting evidence using tools such as camera, voice recorder, and even block notes. You need to keep these documents safe during and after the investigation. Backing up the data is also important if you want to be a proper investigator.  Templates Fire Investigation Report 1 1 Templates Internal Investigation Report Sample Templates Investigation Report Form Download Templates Sample Bullying Investigation Report Templates Sample Credit Investigation Report Templates Sample Incident Investigation Report Templates Sample Presentence Investigation Report

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