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Make Your Life Easier with Sample Excel Budget

Plenty of samples excels budget template is available online to make your work in budgeting become easier and less stressful. They can be simple or complicated depending on your need. Excel is the most common format since it is based on Microsoft Excel application that we familiar with. What kinds of sample budget in excel format you can get for free? Here you can check some.

Monthly Buget Template Excel Format sample


The Personal Budget

You can use the sample excel budget and adjust it based on your need to help you rather than creating one by yourself if you want a more precise budgeting to make your life better.

One Year Excel Budget Template sample

In the sample of the personal budget in excel format, you may write your personal income, expenses, and also savings in the first sheet. While in the second sheet, you will see your budget numbers on a dashboard. To be more detailed, the template contains these categories:

  • Income: Wages, refunds, dividends, pension, interest income, etc.
  • Savings: Emergency fund, the investments, and transfer to savings, etc.
  • Expense: Transportation, food, health, and body care, etc.


The Home Budget

Get this one if you are about to build your house or just to maintain your current house. Home construction will need a more complex budget because you need to define the materials needed and also the labor. At the moment you monitor the progress, you may need to adjust your budget.


The Household Budget

Use this to track the cash flow of income, expenses, and savings of your family needs. The sample excels budget of this kind usually available for a monthly period rather than annually since it targets to provide a focused view of monthly budgeting.


The Zero-based Budget

This spreadsheet sets a fixed zero difference between your monthly income and expenses. It works by making sure all of your money you have is allocated in each expense category in order to help you in tracking where your money goes.


The Wedding Budget

Wedding preparation needs a lot of effort and time, including creating a budget that will be the root of all the preparations. A wedding budget estimator can be used in the wedding budget template to guide you to input the estimated amount of each item you will need for the wedding.


The Business Budget

A business budget is a bigger scale compared to the previous budgets mentioned above. More complicated budget format is needed, that is why so many companies decide to employ budgeting software to manage their finances. However, a sample excel budget is still good in business budgeting.


The Department Budget

To compare the year-by-year expenses of a department, use a department budget template to help you out. It will present percentage change to give you an overview of the department’s annual expenses.


The Project Budget

With a sample excel budget for your project, you can track all off the item needs, labor, and both fixed costs also variable costs involved to run the project. It will drive you to arrange accurate budgeting based on the scope and timelines of the projects by driving you to stick on your budget, so it will be more accurate to succeed in your dream project.

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