Sample Construction Budget Template

Sample Construction Budget for Proper Budgeting Plan

Building and housing are common types of construction. You need vast money to build it from scratch until it is ready for use. On the other side, house renovation is a minor example of how construction works. Of course, you can include other examples, such as road, bridge, and skyscraper. For such a project, you must use a sample construction budget.

commercial construction budget template sample

The sample gives a preliminary view of what construction to be. You can review the cost, resource, money, and other aspects. Budgeting will help the project to be in a proper way. There is no longer overspending.


Main Points of Budget for Construction

The sample construction budget has several things to know. If you are in this business, learning how to do budgeting properly is the top-notch skill. As a client, you have the right to review the company that will build your house.

  1. Money availability

Building a house requires money, even the small one. Construction can work if money is available. This is the first thing that affects the entire project. You must allocate enough money to cover everything. Lack of money will bring the issue in the future.


  1. Construction scale

Money goes side by side with a construction scale. A small house will have enough financial support until the project is done. On a large scale, you spend vast money that must be more than enough. The construction scale is the size building or property you want to build.


  1. Construction resources

Construction needs resources such as workers, tools, and material. The company will calculate how many resources for one project. Budgeting is the method to ensure the resource is enough from start until everything is done. After the money and scale, resource comes in third place. More money and a big scale require vast resources.


  1. Permit and license

When choosing the construction company, you should consider license and permit. This part seems trivial but can be troublesome if you do not manage it properly. Check the local regulation and law before building something in that area.


  1. Insurance and loss coverage

Construction is an extremely high-risk business. Insurance will cover all losses during the project. Moreover, budgeting will include money for insurance and an emergency.


Several Samples of Construction Budget

The sample construction budget has several options. Each has a specific outline but the basic principle is generally similar. Some samples are for small projects with fewer resources. On the other hand, you will find the sample for a big project, even you can make a trademark to the world.

  • Home construction
  • Residential construction
  • Building construction
  • Renovation budget
  • Public construction project

Home and residential construction are mostly interchangeable. Home means the single house you build, while residential is housing in the area that mostly has more than one house. For building, this construction is mainly for a project that has many floors. The apartment is a part of building construction. For the public, you can consider road, school, and bridge.

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The sample is also useful as a template. From the sample, you understand what should be in the construction budget. Each item must be calculated, and then the money is allocated as precise as possible. You do not want excess leftover after the building is done, right? That’s why the sample construction budget should be the top reference before you start a new similar project.


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