Sample Company Budget Template

Sample Company Budget for Some Departments

The company must have a budget as obligatory in the financial system. If you run a business, many things must be completed. Revenue from sales will pay the rent, employee, production, operational, marketing, and many more. You should try a sample company budget before preparing and creating your own.

Company Annual Budget Template sample


Things to Know about Company Budget

The sample is only for guide and template. You still need to know the important things that always in the company budget. The below section explores more about them.

  1. Business scale and field

Business scale influences significantly the budget. The small company operates in a limited field and it is less complex. On the other side, the big corporation has many departments and it operates in a vast area. Small business only needs basic budgeting.


  1. Operational cost

You have a new company and the cost is started to drain your money. This cost is commonly for operational. You spend it on employees, officers, and other things to ensure the business operates properly.


  1. Product and service

Budgeting depends on the product or service you provide. Manufacturing company will spend most of the expenses in the factory. Meanwhile, the service company will allocate more money on customer support. In general, your expenditure is closely related to the product you offer.


  1. Sales and revenue

Sale and revenue are sources of money for company. In the beginning, you may spend more on capital, and the sales are not yet promising. When the sales increase, the company obtains more revenue. If the business is in good condition, the revenue brings more profits.

Company Department Budget Sample sample

From the sample company budget, you can determine all items. Furthermore, in making budgeting, you must know how to estimate it properly. Precise prediction helps to reduce unwanted situations. The last part of the company budget is emergency cash for unexpected situations.


Examples of Company Budget

You have many options when creating a company budget. The sample gives excellent reference to fulfil your needs. Below list are examples of template you can choose. Each has different layout, but the basic principle is still similar.

  • Startup company budget
  • Manufacturing budget
  • Construction company budget
  • Annual budget
  • Monthly budget
  • Operational budget
  • Marketing budget
  • Company event budget
  • Travel expense budget
  • Company department budget

From the above list, the sample company budget consists of two major categories. The first one is general that’s flexible to almost many purposes. This option is usually for small businesses. The sample is blank and easy to adjust to the company preference.

Company Event Budget Template sample

The rest of the samples belong to a category that puts specific departments at the key budget. For example, marketing company budget is the sample that company uses for the marketing division. The rest examples are production, event, sales, operational, etc.


The Template for Company Budget

The company usually already has a template or sample. This is a part of system that company develops before entering business and providing the product. The layout is fixed and departments just add based on the budget they need. This kind of template is also available as free sample. Small business usually imitates what the big one does.

Company Expense Budget Template sample Company Marketing Budget Template sample Company Monthly Budget Sample sample Company Operating Budget Template sample Company Travel Budget Template sample Construction Company Budget Template sample 1 Startup Company Budget Template sample 1

Before downloading sample, the company must have system or tool for editing. Spreadsheet software is the most favorable one for this purpose. You can open the sample company budget template and change few things easily.

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