Sample College Budget Template

Sample College Budget with Free Template

Living as a college student is not cheap. You can have a modest lifestyle as long as the basic needs are covered. In order to control spending, you should create budgeting. For that purpose, the sample college budget is a reliable source for your reference.

Annual College Budget Template PDF sample


Exploring the College Budget

Before exploring more about this topic, you must know what is necessary to be in the sample college budget. Tons of templates provide various styles for managing money in college. You just choose the right one. As an alternative, you may consider creating on your own.

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The sample has two major aspects: expense and income. As a college student, income is the money you receive for the educational cost. Meanwhile, the expense is all expenditures you must spend. Further explanations will be at the below list.

  1. Expense

Academic expense is a direct cost that students must pay. It includes tuition, submission fee, or anything that a student spends when going to college or school directly. Another expense is school supply, such as a book, pen, internet, and any tool or media in order to support the study. The last expense is living costs, such as housing, foods, transportation, and medical insurance.


  1. Income

College students can earn money from various jobs. Today, the side job is not just waiter in a restaurant. On the other hand, the student can conduct business and make a company. Mostly, the income is from parents or guardian that’s responsible to student welfare. Another source of income is scholarship, donation, and grant.


Kinds of Sample for College Budget

The next section will explore the list of sample college budgets. Each sample has a specific thing that’s different from others. You can compare and find which one to be your sample.

  1. General college budget

The general college budget is the template for almost all needs. It contains necessary items like expense and income including extra sections. You may edit for more items and print directly on plain paper.


  1. Monthly budget

Monthly budget has been favorite option as it is flexible and compatible for college life. You spend money for many things in one month. In that period, you can manage to allocate it properly and efficiently. From monthly budget, you can gather data and estimate the precise expenditure for the next period.


  1. Yearly budget

Another timeline for college budget is yearly. Your parents send money monthly but some incomes are received yearly. With this timeline, you can include more items and big spending. Yearly budget helps to predict total spending until you graduate.


  1. College semester budget

College and university uses semester for their study period. You can create a budget based on that period. It is useful and practical in any college. Furthermore, you can estimate better in semester regarding overall expenses.

Making budget planner for college life is not difficult. It is not business that you must have excellent financial skills. On the contrary, everyone can do it and the result is still excellent. The sample and template shorten this process. You only focus on adding relevant content.

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The expense in sample college budget is listed based on the priority. You have many things to do and try to accomplish them. With the priority list, only the most important one will obtain the money to support. You can continue for the rest as long as the money is still available.


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