Sample Budget Planner Template

Sample Budget Planner and Free Template

Budget planners become an important part of budgeting and financial plan. You must create this planner before starting a new financial period. In general, it contains items or contents that you do or spend. In the next column, you see the cost or price to support those items. This illustration is the most familiar thing in the sample budget planner.

Budget Planner PDF sample 1

For your information, the sample is relatively similar to the template. You can use a sample for reference and guide before preparing a real budget planner. The sample may come from past years. In that case, you just implement what has been doing with several adjustments.

Why Do You Need Budget Planner?

Before exploring further about this topic, you should know why the sample budget planner is important. The sample shows what budgeting should be. In simple terms, you learn from the sample as a reference. Some people are skilled enough to make their own planner from scratch. On the other side, many people also rely on the sample and template for a quick solution.

  1. Budgeting method

The planner contains an outline or structure related to budgeting methods. Design and layout may be different. You find a planner with single long table for all items. On the other side, some templates separate items based on category.

  1. Income and expense

Even though the design and layout are different, core outline is similar. The budget planner has elements such as expense, income, and items. Income, revenue, and funding are source of money. You spend them as expenditure or expense on items. As a common rule, you cannot spend more than what you earn.

  1. Cash flow

You are familiar with term cash flow. Budget planner maintains money you spend and earn simultaneously. In general, you must have enough money for next item. Cash flow is about money inflow and outflow in real-time.

Variation of Sample Budget Planner

The below section shows the list of sample budget planners. The simple budget planner is the most versatile choice if you do not have particular purpose. The rest of the list contains a budget planner for specific division or departments. Each sample has pros and cons. A sample may be good for you, but not for others.

  • Simple budget planner
  • Family budget planner
  • Weekly planner
  • Monthly planner
  • Annual planner
  • Marketing and sales planner
  • Student budget planner
  • Fundraising budget planner
  • Event budget planner
  • Corporate budget planner

In general, you find two options for a budget planner. The sample can be in online or offline mode depending on its accessibility. An online planner means the file is easy to adjust quickly even in real-time. Usually, you can use the app that contains budget planner feature. This app is installed in smartphone to make sure all items are adjusted properly.

Budget Planner Template Printable sample 1 Budget Planning Worksheet Template sample Family Budget Planner Template sample 2 Home Budget Planner sample 1 Household Budget Planner PDF sample Money management planning PDF Download sample Sample Budget Planner sample Student Budget Planner sample Weekly Budget Planner Template sample 1

On the other side, some planners are offline modes as they are not capable to adapt with the change as soon as possible. You must edit manually from software. This kind of sample is usually template for general budgeting. In company, you can use the template and sample budget planner directly on the system. After the budgeting is done, you can finalize and print it.

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