Sample After Action Report Template

Sample After Action Report Template and Contents

Preparing reports becomes a simple and quick task after you obtain the template. You may use several templates based on what kind of report you must create. One of them is a sample after action report template.

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The report contains all information regarding a specific topic. Accident report means you will read about the event, victim, loss, injury, damage, witness, and treatment. Some reports only have the fact and no statement at all. On the other hand, you also find reports that have a solution and recommended action. This is what the after-action report supposed to be.

Sample After Action Report Template Main Idea and Concept

The idea for the after-action report is interesting since you will not find a fixed explanation. The report after auditing is also considered as this one. The audit is done after the company or organization finds the issue. The report investigates that problem and then finds the solution.

Templates After Action Report Doc Format

Some reports focus on a situation or events that already happened. A common example is traffic accidents. This event has a significant impact on the driver and his surroundings. After action report includes solutions and suggestions to overcome loss and damage. Mostly, high-risk business and activity often utilize this report as part of legal standing.

Sample After Action Report Template Outline and Layout

The next list explains the outline for the sample after the action report template. You can use it for reference before creating your own report.

1.  Incident and event

This report is created after an extensive investigation. Content is not just person, time, location, witness, and damage. The incident and event is explained as detail as possible.

2.  Chronological explanation

The key element in this report is a chronological explanation regarding the accident. This is a challenging task that auditors must know how to approach properly. This part will influence the rest of the action. The template helps to identify and arrange all events leading to an accident.

3.  Safety measure inspection

Finding the cause is important but you must inspect safety measures. If the safety tool is work and incident happens, you should check the procedure and person. In general, a safety measure is regulated to be checked.

4.  Damage and loss measurement

This section explores damage and loss due to certain accidents. The report template uses the form to identify and measure the damage levels. Mostly, this part utilizes quantitative measurement with a number, level, and scale.

5.  Solution and action

After action report has one thing that differs from others. It contains a solution and a list of actions to overcome the situation. The company has an obligation to follow recommendations as long as capable to reduce loss and bring back the situation into the normal level.

Sample After Action Report Template and Design

To know more about the sample after action report template, you must explore some samples. They are useful to understand what after-action looks like.

  1. Simple after-action report
  2. After action report for construction project
  3. Report on traffic and car accident
  4. Report for safety and healthy procedure
  5. Action report for management

Sample After Action Report Template File Download

The files for sample after action report template are available for many platforms. You can have pdf, word, Google docs, and Apple pages. They are accessible and compatible with the majority device that people have for creating template.  Templates After Action Report Doc Format Templates After Action Report Improvement Plan Templates Doc Format After Action Report Templates Sample After Action Report


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