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Sales Report Sample to Help You in Sales Reporting

As a salesperson, you need to make a sales report and give it to your managers for them to evaluate. Besides your productivity in being a salesperson, you need to pay attention to the way you write the sales report as well. Do not make it complicated. Therefore, before you start writing the sales report sample, you need to know the types of sales reports and other things. If you are struggling in starting the report, you can check the template first.

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Types of Sales Report Sample Based on Time Period

In order to do a sales report, you need to determine the schedule. Moreover, decide when to give your report. Based on the time period, the sales report falls into some types.

1.  Daily sales report

A daily sales report is done each day. Every day after doing the sales, a salesperson writes a report based on what has happened that day.

2.  Weekly sales report

Sometimes, there is a salesperson who reports the activity at the end of the week. All of the activities and the results for the whole week are documented in this report.

3.   Monthly sales report

A sales report that’s done every month covers everything about sales for the entire month. However, it is mostly about the progress of sales from the day to a week.

Kinds of Sales Report Sample

There are some kinds of sales report samples that you need to know. All of them are explained as follows.

1.  Sales forecasting comparison

This report intends to make a comparison between forecasted sales and actual ones.

2.  Individual and team sales goal progress

Sales can be divided into two: individual and team. This report basically documents the goal and progress of both individual and team sales.

3.  Sales activities

Sales activities include introducing a company’s products to people and engage with the costumers. So, this kind of report consists of emails delivered, the calls made, and duties that have been completed.

4.  Sales pipeline’s health

This report includes a number of incoming deals, qualified deals, and won deals.

Content of Sales Report Sample

Despite the variety of types, there are main points included in the sales report sample. Dates of sales during a certain time are very important. Then, put sales numbers followed by the explanation of how much your target has been reached. Make sure to include statistics that indicate rises and falls, as well as any issues raised during the sales period.

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Sales Report Sample Download

Have you not enough time to make a sales report form? Do not worry, you can download the sales report sample easily and fast. It definitely will save you energy and time. You can choose whether you want the editable template or the fixed one. The templates that cannot be edited are available in PDF format, but you can still use the samples as your sales report form. While the customizable templates support Google Docs, Mac OS and Windows. All of them can be printed right away. Therefore, just make your life easier by getting some report templates.  Templates Business Development Sales Report Templates Individual Sales Performance Report Templates Monthly Retail Sales Report Templates Monthly Sales Report Format Templates Product Sales Data Report Templates Product Sales Inventory Report Templates Retail Daily Sales Report Templates Retail Sales Analysis Report Templates Retail Sales Report in Templates Sales Performance Analysis Report Templates Small Business Sales Report

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