Research Report Format Template

Research Report Format for Business Analysis

Business without research is definitely wasting money. You need preparation in order to know the market, product, trend, competitors, and strategy. Research has been the key element in many important projects and activities, including the business. In order to make a proper report, you should have a research report format.

Templates Action Research

Research Report Format Idea and Concept

Every research has a different purpose, goal, and content. For example, you have a business plan and all the information from the research will be your references. Then, you formulate a marketing strategy and implement it directly based on the result of the research.

Templates Education Research

The concept of research is common in academic and education fields. You obtain data from respondents and analyze them in order to know and prove the hypothesis. This is where business sees research to be the biggest and most important tool. In the digital era, every action and decision must come from extensive data collecting and analyzing.

Research Report Format Examples

The next section provides examples related to the research report format. For your information, every format has a specific layout that’s different from others. You cannot compare business and education researches. Both can be interchangeable, but the purpose and implementation are different. Check the following list to know more examples.

  1. Market research report
  2. Business research report
  3. Qualitative research report
  4. Education research report
  5. Trend analysis report
  6. Quantitative research report

Research Report Format and Layout

The layout for the research report format is an important part. The template is created, so you can make and submit the report easily. That’s why the layout contains only the important things which report must-have. Check the following list for more explanation.

1.  Purpose

The research has a goal or an objective. Regardless of the field or topic, every research must define the goal specifically. It will be the foundation for the next step, such as data gathering, analysis, and method.

2.  Research method

The report explains the way you obtain and organize the data. This is an important part to ensure the research is valid. The data should come from a reliable and relevant source with the highest validity.

3.  Data gathering

The data can be obtained in many formats, such as text, number, sign, code, audio, photo, and anything. The way you collect data will influence the analysis method you implement.

4.  Analysis and interpretation

The research report has a section called analysis and interpretation. Both are the reasons why you conduct the research. Interpretation is usually related to how you read the data after basic analysis. The complex data requires advanced analysis technique.

5.  Conclusion

The last part is the conclusion that answers the research question and purpose. This part concludes your purpose. In fact, you can tell if the research is valid just from the purpose and conclusion.

Research Report Format Sample and Template

Business research report has to be simple and straightforward. The contents are dedicated for everyone who will contribute in business plan and activity. That’s why the template and format look relatively simpler than other does.  Templates Market Research Report Templates Project Research Templates Qualitative Research Report Templates Research Methodology Templates Research Progress Templates Simple Research Report in Templates Unique Equity Research

Most researches are categorized into two major groups, such as qualitative and quantitative. However, you can mix both and develop new methodology and method. Newmarket requires flexibility in order to obtain valid and reliable information. Therefore, you can choose a research report format based on what you need the most.

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