Proposal Rejection Letter Template

Proposal Rejection Letter, an Important Professional Tool

Rejection is something difficult to handle, no matter if it is for your personal or professional life. Things get a little tricky when rejection happens in the work setting. If your company receives a proposal yet it cannot be accepted, you have to send the proposal rejection letter to notify the sender about their proposal status. How can you deliver such information in the most professional manner possible?

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Proposal Rejection Letter Benefits

There are many benefits that you will gain from sending this letter. First, it will improve the perspective toward your company since you are deemed to care for small details such as sending a letter for rejection. Everyone will know that your company is a transparent and reputable company because of this.

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This letter also appeases proposal senders who do not manage to get their proposals approved. It is better to be honest with them instead of leaving them clueless about the new development. You also avoid being bombarded by questions from curious proposal sender in the future.

Proposal Rejection Letter Basic Contents

1.  Header

The proposal rejection letter should have a formal company header. This will provide a clue that the content of your letter is important.

2.  Information about the proposal

A content that you should not skip in the letter is information about the proposal being sent. You can mention the proposal title and date when you received it.

3.  The reasoning behind the rejection

The next part of the letter should explain the reasoning behind this rejection. You should be honest as possible with the reasoning and even include brief constructive feedback.

4.   Contact information

Provide contact information so that the recipient will know that your company is always up for questions. It shows the company’s professionalism.

5.  Sender

Include the name of the sender at the end of your letter so that the recipient knows with whom they are corresponding. You need to sign the letter too.

Proposal Rejection Letter Writing Guidelines

1.  Being concise and direct

When it comes to a proposal rejection letter you have to be concise and direct. Do not use the long introduction and get straight to the point. The letter should be only one page long.

2.  Showing appreciation

You should also show appreciation about the proposal being sent by the recipient. However, it does not mean that you have to excessively compliment it.

3.  Personalization

You also need to personalize the letter by mentioning the recipient’s name and proposal title. This will make the recipient handling the rejection better because you take the time to make the individualized letter.

4.  Avoiding apologetic diction

When you are writing this letter, you should avoid sounding too apologetic by not using apologetic terms such as “I’m terribly sorry”, or worse repeating your apology several times in the letter. In the professional world, your job is not to coddle people.

Proposal Rejection Letter Templates

If you think that making your own proposal rejection letter is too taxing, you can choose one of the templates on this page. There are templates to inform rejection of sales pitch, project ideas, conference, bidding, and many others. The templates are editable so you can download them and tailor the template to match your needs. You have to follow the guidelines mentioned previously when writing the letter.  Templates Conference Proposal Templates Formal Business Proposal in Word Templates Loan Proposal Templates Request For Proposal Rejection Letter Templates Sample sales proposal rejection letter Templates Short Vendor Proposal Templates Simple Project Proposal

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