Project Status Report Template

Why Using Project Status Report Templates?

If you are often in charge of the project, you are certainly familiar with the project status report. This report is a document that contains the overall project progress. It can improve communication between the teams who are responsible for the project, so the project being carried out goes according to the plan. Well, since this report is very important, you should use the project status report templates. Therefore, your reports can be done more quickly.

Templates Monthly Project Status Report Example

The Benefit of Project Status Report Templates

Compiling a project status report can take a long time, as well as requiring high accuracy to minimize the errors. Using the template will help you. Here are some benefits of using the project status report template.

  1. Save your money. There are many templates that you can get for free.
  2. Professional looks. The templates that have been professionally designed will give a good impression to your clients and leaders.
  3. Clean design. A clean template design can make it easier for you to convey the information contained in the report.
  4. All functions in one place. Besides making it easier to make a report, this will also save time.
  5. You can create the good project status report using the printable templates

Types of Project Status Report Templates

In the business world, there are various types of project status reports that are used. Each type has a different function. On this page, you will be given several types of project status report templates that are often used as below.

1.  Project Weekly Status Report

Weekly project reports contain as much detailed and relevant information as possible. The aim is to provide information on project progress to those involved in it. The information mentioned is usually about the budget, possible risks and so on.

2.  Weekly Project Management Status Report.

As the person in charge of the project, the project manager will usually request a weekly status for evaluation. This type of report is very commonly used in project management to track the development and management of projects being worked on. It is important to know the possibility of problems that will occur during the work process.

3.  Project Completion Status Report.

The client must be kept up to date with the latest status of project completion. This will help both parties if any problem is found. By using this report, both clients and companies can consult each other.

What You Should Put on Project Status Report Templates

  1. By using a template, the report you will make will be easily resolved. There are some writing rules you need to know. This might be different in every company. However, in general, here are the things you need to write in the project status report.
  2. Use an introductory note.
  3. Write a summary.
  4. Make a project timeline completion.
  5. Set the budget.
  6. Covering upcoming tasks and events.
  7. Focus on action items.
  8. Make plans for project issues, risks, and mitigation.

Free Project Status Report Templates

If you want to find the example of a project status report template for free, you can find it on this page. In addition to the template, you will also get information and tips for writing better project status reports. But for now, just looking for references is also not a problem. If you are interested in various other template formats, you can see it on the website for free. Templates Multiple Project Status Report Example Templates Project Status Report Example

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