Program Budget Sample Template

Program Budget Sample Form to Manage and Allocate The Available Funds

The program budget sample is a template that is used as a guide to create and provide details about budgeting on a program. Learn more about it by reading the information related below.

Community Program Budget Template sample


What Is A Program Budget

Program budget is a document that containing details about the budget that is needed to complete a program, along with the list of items used in all of the processes. In short, it used to give information about the number of expenses for certain programs. If you look for program budget samples on the internet, you would notice that a lot of them also include program funding sources and the allocation of the funds. The purpose of including those two is to make sure the money spent efficiently according to the program needs.

Education Program Budget Template sample


What Included Inside The Program Budget

Depending on the kind of program that is implemented, or who runs it, the substance of budgeting form may differ from one another. However, a basic program budget sample would include at least several things below.

  • Organization name that supposed to organize the program
  • The amount of personnel involved and their job description, in order to provide proper payment for their services during the implementation and planning of the program.
  • The list of suppliers of the items that used to render the service, again to provide proper payment both for the suppliers’ services and their products.
  • The list of equipment bough or rented to run the program.
  • The amount of expenses for promotion, advertising, and marketing purposes.
  • Other detailed expenses for various areas of the program.
  • The grand total of budget used for the program.
  • The list of fund sources, whether they are from the stakeholders, sponsorship, partnerships, or donations.
  • The revenue that collected from the program, for instances, it could be from product or ticket sales.
  • The initial anticipation of total revenue gathered through the program.

Free Program Budget Template sample


How to Create a Proper Program Budget

It is totally possible to make a program budget form on your own, instead of using online template. Here are several tips you can follow to create an appropriate one.

  1. Set a realistic budget

If you are the person in charge of managing the funding expenses, it is important to allocated the money efficiently. Be aware that there might be no certain amount of funds is available yet, so make the budget achievable and attainable.


  1. Make a proper list.

Not only you have to write all the needed items down during the program, you also have to make a prioritized list of them. The items need to be prioritized so you could make the right allocation for each of them.


  1. Create a funding timeline.

Not all funds could be gathered together at the same time, so create a timeline according to the time they can be gathered and expensed according to the activities during the program.

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Using a free downloadable template of program budget sample might be easier than making one on your own. However, always make sure that it contains all the information needed that fits with the program that you’re about to run.

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