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Blank Police Report Template and Access to Download the Free Template

In doing the jobs, polices will have to make many kinds of reports. One of the common reports is about the cases that they are investigating. In this case, polices can use the police report template to get an easier process in reporting certain cases or incidents. By using the report template, it is not easier to input the data and information.

Templates After Action Police Report

Using Blank Police Report Template

Having a police report template may sound simple. However, this is very useful in the process of reporting. With the existing template, at least polices do not need to make the format of documents whenever they want to make certain reports. They already get the blank report template, and they can easily fill the details. These are much faster.

Templates blank police report

With the blank templates, it is also easier to make better reports. The points can be made focused on. Moreover, it can help the other police in charge of the cases to read and understand the report. There are already columns and other parts of templates, so it is easy to identify the information and understand the content of the report.

General Content in the Police Report Template Design

Each police report can have different types of template designs. However, generally, there are some similar parts and these are the main contents or elements in the report templates.

1.  General information

In the general and simple report template, this part at least will have points about the number of cases and the date. Then, there must be the name of the officer in charge of making the report.

2.  Incident

The next part is about the incident. In this part, it shows the general description or explanation about the incident.

3.   Details of the event

This will talk about the details, including the time and how the incident occurred. Then, it will also provide the names of people involved in the incidents.

4.  Action was taken

There is also part to mention the action taken by the officer who makes the report. This should be stated clearly and it is possible to include the reasons for taking certain actions.

Police Report Template Format

There can be many kinds of templates designs and formats. In term of designs, commonly it depends on the institution but mostly the specific contents will not be too different.  In term of format, there are some possible file formats for the police report template. In this case, PDF is one of the formats. This is specifically dedicated for the printed document, so later the police can fill the details manually.


Then, the other common formats are doc and docx. These two formats are dedicated for files to access Microsoft Word. This has become the most popular app to create documents. That is why these two file extensions are also the most common to finds.

Free Downloadable Police Report Template

Some institutions commonly have already provided the template designs. Blank report template is usually ready to use. However, in case there is no suitable template for certain report, then it is necessary to make it, so it is possible to use in the future. In case it is not possible to do it, then officers may download the report template.   Templates police report free Templates police report freee download Templates police report Templates POLICE REPORT REQUEST FORM Templates Police Report Writing

Downloading the report template becomes the alternative to pick. In this case, some websites provide the templates and these are free to download. The templates are ready to use and even these still can give access to adjust and revise, so it is easier to use the police report template.

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