Monthly Budget Template

Monthly Budget Template with Editable File

A monthly basis has been a common period for the budget. The company, household, personal, and organization use a monthly budget to manage their expenses. For such a purpose, they should consider using a monthly budget template.

department monthly budget sample

The template provides necessary things, including the list of items and activities. Each template is different depending on content and implementation. On the other hand, the outline seems to be similar between one and others. More exploration of this topic is in the next section.

The Purposes of Monthly Budget

The monthly budget has several purposes based on what you implement. In general, most of the budgeting is in the same term, regardless of the contents. You can do budgeting in order to balance the income and expense. More about the purposes are listed in the following section.

  1. Balance income and expenditure

The monthly budget template contains two main sections: income and expenditure. Both are the keys when developing the budget. You have money and must spend it on expenditure. In that case, budgeting balances both sides. In a company or business, both sides should show the gap that favors revenue. This is where the situation is called profit.


  1. Finance new project

A monthly budget is the best option to add new things. Some projects are usually added alongside this budget. For personal use, you can put extra expense or income that likely you receive. For example, the company gives you benefits like money. This new income will enter the budget next month.


  1. Emergency cash

Budgeting always includes emergency or something unexpected. Every situation and business always has risks. You may gain profit, but there is a chance for loss. Emergency cash is allocated to handle something unexpected.


  1. Managing money inflow and outflow

The next purpose is cash flow management. The budget makes sure the cash is enough to be in balance level. Furthermore, you can check if the money is on good spending or not. In this case, the budget has an extra feature called budget tracker. You know where the money comes from and you can track down where the money goes.


Types of Monthly Budget Template

With many templates, you must pick the best one. The template is created for a certain purpose. For versatile function, the simple and general budget is the best option. It can adapt to almost many budgeting methods. More about the monthly budget template is in the below list.

  • Simple budget
  • Personal budget
  • Household and family budget
  • Corporate budget
  • Event and project monthly budget
  • School budget
  • Marketing and sales budget
  • IT monthly budget
  • Nonprofit budget

You do not need to worry about the template because it is available on many sources. One important thing is software or application to do editing. The template is still raw file with items that are commonly used. On the other side, you must change a few of them in order to adjust to your preference.

Family Budget Template sample family monthly budget template sample Marketing Monthly Budget Worksheet Template sample personal monthly budget template sample 1 Project Monthly Budget sample

Usually, the monthly budget uses the same template as the previous one. In that case, you already have a template but still need a few adjustments. The company or organization may implement a new system that changes the monthly budget. For that situation, you must rely on a new monthly budget template. Choose the one that’s compatible with your situation.

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