Meeting Report Template

Meeting Report Template to Get Detailed Document of Your Meeting

Do you happen to be the secretary of an organization or company? It has been known that being a secretary means you have to manage the administration, or at least that’s one of the jobs that need to be done. Whenever there is a meeting, you need to write all the things being discussed and every detail of the meeting. Such a document is called a meeting report template. However, you do not have to be the secretary to write a meeting report. Sometimes, you have to go to meet your client and in order to record the details of the meeting; you need to write a report. If you have never written a meeting report before, this page is the perfect place to get guidance as it provides some files of the meeting report.

Templates Board Meeting

Content of Meeting Report Template

In writing a meeting report, there are some points that you need to include. Those points consist of:

  1. Date

It is when the meeting is held. Sometimes, it also includes the exact time of the meeting. For example, the meeting was held on Wednesday, 15th 2020 at 20.00 PM.

  1. Place

This point should be filled with a detailed place of the meeting.

  1. Participant

Include all of the people involved in the meeting.

  1. Purpose

Every meeting must have a clear purpose.

  1. Discussion

By knowing the purpose of the meeting, the parties will know what to discuss. All the details of the discussion during the meeting are put on this point.

Types of Meeting Report Template

There are some types of meeting report template. For example, there is a template for school meeting report. This one is usually needed when there is a meeting between teachers and students’ parents. There is also a template for project meeting report. People who gather to discuss certain projects need this kind of report to document all the important things discussed in the meeting. Sometimes, there is meeting held in company between employees and employers to discuss about some stuffs related to their brand. The report for this meeting is called business meeting report.

Templates Business Report

Customizable Meeting Report Template

If you need a report template for the next meeting, you can get editable meeting report template from this page. The template features contents that might fit yo

Templates Committee Meeting

The customizable templates enable you to open them on Google Docs, Windows, and Mac OS. The size of paper is both A4 and US Letter. Furthermore, after you edit the template, you can print it right away.

Fixed Meeting Report Template Sample

Fixed meeting report template samples cannot be edited. They are only samples of meeting report types. Regardless, those samples are very helpful if you need a help in outlining the report. In addition, there are some points on the templates that are left blank, so you can fill them according to your needs by handwriting them. The samples are available in PDF format, and it is easy to print.   Templates Feedback Report Templates Meeting Contact Templates Meeting Report Templates Parent Teacher Meeting Report Templates Production Meeting Templates Program Review Templates Project Report Templates Status Report Templates Summary Meeting

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