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Template for IT Budget with Useful Outline

Technology becomes necessary and inevitable in business. You cannot work and do anything without a computer. In fact, IT is always the first thing that a company prepares as a part of the business platform. In order to allocate and calculate it properly, you can use the IT budget.

Best Practices of IT Budgeting PDF sample

One common thing that you always know is some companies do not put much effort into their system. IT and infrastructure come with more money and no revenue. As long as the computer can work, they do not bother to upgrade. This situation leads to another issue, which is a lack of capability to support customers. The worst situation is the business cannot perform well because the IT department is in bad condition.

Preparing the IT budget

When preparing the IT budget, you must know three aspects. Each has significant influence related to IT and business. More about them will be explored in the following section.

  1. Hardware and software

When discussing IT, you often hear about the system and platform. Many advanced terms have been invented in order to adjust to what customers want. However, the basic function will be only two things: hardware and software.


  1. Human resource and maintenance

The next aspect is human resources, such as analyst, IT specialist, or just maintenance workers. They have a responsibility to manage hardware and software. The company and business rely heavily on their work.


  1. Emergency situation

IT cannot ignore the emergency regardless of anything. You must expect a platform or system that cannot support the business. The failed system is inevitable, but the company must allocate emergency cash to manage this situation.


Examples of IT Budget

  1. Simple IT budget

A simple IT budget is suitable for anyone or small business. It includes items that should be in the budget. All contents are only the most necessary things. Business or company just adds or changes based on the needs.


  1. IT proposal budget

In order to upgrade and expand the IT platform, the department must create a proposal. It has the things that IT must-have. The proposal explains the cost related to the new system and benefits that will be obtained in the future.


  1. IT maintenance budget

Most of the budget will be for maintenance. Buying and installing a new system may not be every day; even the company only changes it one per year. On the contrary, maintenance is always available periodically.


  1. IT project budget

The IT project is quite similar to the proposal. Budgeting has new technology to implement. IT department calculates the cost and estimates the price for the new system. After that, the company should decide which project will be approved.


  1. Annual budget

The IT department is a part of a company that always has priority regarding budget allocation. In that case, the annual budget will explain how much money they need. This budget includes project, maintenance, and proposal.

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If you are not an IT person, creating this kind of budget may be a difficult thing to do. You need experts to do this. As a solution, you can look for a template that contains the IT budget. The template will shorten your effort and make the budget as fast as possible. Of course, you must include experts when preparing this budget.


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