Internal Audit Report Template

Internal Audit Report Template with Relevant Design and Layout

The company implements an internal audit in order to obtain information about a specific topic. This process is done by professionals or employees who are capable to handle this task. The report contains data, statements, and suggestions. Making this report is no easy task unless the internal audit report template is already prepared.

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Internal Audit Report Template Idea and Concept

The audit is the process to review, conduct the research, and collect data regarding certain aspects. For example, a finance audit means the company wants to review and assess all financial situations. Only a person with skill and license can do auditing properly. For internal audits, the company usually has an audit department.

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The regular audit has form containing the list of items that must be reviewed. After the information is collected, the auditor prepares and creates the report. You may spend a lot of time if starting the report from scratch. Usually, you have a report template from the past audit.

Internal Audit Report Template Design and Outline

The internal audit report template has an outline and layout that’s relatively similar. The content may be different because it depends on context and purpose. On the other hand, the core outline and list of items are quite similar. Check the following list for more exploration.

1.  Goal or purpose

The first thing in audit report is the goal or purpose. Internal audit has a purpose as information gathering and preventive measure. The report explains the things that must be done quickly. Company has risk for having fraud or theft from internal. This is where the audit becomes necessary to ensure everything is in proper order.

2.  Outline result

You identify what result you want from the internal audit. This part is generated from goal or purpose. You create a list of the expected results in detail.

3.  Title and introduction

Every report has a title and introduction. You know report is related to internal audit just by reading its title. The introduction is a few words that help readers to understand what report about and expected content.

4.  Executive summary

Executive summary provides brief information that very important to know. In general, it summarizes all contents but only the most important.

5.  Content

The core of internal report is content itself. All data and findings are in this part. It includes text, number, chart; picture, photo, and everything that auditors investigate.

6.  Review and conclusion

Audit report is dedicated as process to find solution. After issue is assessed, next thing is solution implementation. The conclusion helps readers to understand what audit report has been done.

Internal Audit Report Template and Sample

At the following list, you can see some examples of the internal audit report template. An auditor can do the audit for a specific field. On the other hand, some reports are based on a certain period, such as monthly and annually.

  1. Simple audit report
  2. Finance audit report
  3. Quality audit report
  4. Internal process

Internal Audit Report Template File Download

Internal audit report template has some benefits. It is free, so you can download without paying fee at all. The files use a platform that everyone can open and edit, such as doc, Apple Page, PDF, and Google Docs.  Templates Example Internal Audit Report Templates Finance Internal Audit Report Format Download Templates Freee Internal Audit Report Format Editable Templates Internal Audit Report Download Templates Internal Audit Report Templates Internal Audit Report of Accounts Receivable Word Doc Templates K Cash Internal Audit Report Format Download Templates Paper 2 Membership Audit Report Final Format Templates Printbale Internal Audit Report Format Download

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