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Create Your Professional HR Report by Using HR Report Template

Human Resources (HR) departments are supposed to keep a company’s employee’s files. They need to write any incidents that happen to the employee and save it as an HR file. This kind of document is really important because it is very useful to debate the employees if they want to defend themselves for something they have done wrong. It also gives a strong warning to them about their mistakes, and to remind them about the inappropriate things. Due to its importance, as an HR, you need to pay attention to every single detail that you write on the report. Besides, you need to make sure your report is proper enough. In order to make the proper HR report, check out the HR report template files that are available for download.

Templates Annual Report 2

How HR Report Template Samples Can Benefit You

Are you a new HR who happens to want to know more about a good HR report? Put all those worries aside. There are a lot of templates of HR reports you can use on the internet. They are very useful in helping you create the next report. They have been designed based on the sample of professional HR reports.

Templates Basic HR Report

With those templates, you get to know what to include in the report. It might help you develop new ideas on how maybe to make a better report. In fact, there are a lot of HR report template samples that you can rely on. With those templates, you get to know where to go from the start.

HR Report Template and Its Types

There are some types of HR reports on this page. Basically, the type of template depends on the type of report itself. Therefore, there are a few types of HR reports. The types are categorized based on the time period, in which the category falls into three: monthly, quarterly, and manually. Meanwhile, there are HR reports that are based on the thing being reported, like the company administration and company safety.

HR Report Template Idea and Design

For your information, you can actually design an HR report as simple as possible. However, sometimes you must want it to look more interesting. In doing so, you can design the cover of the report as well. Give some color combinations there, or maybe attach a picture related to your company. As a note, always remember to keep it look neat and professional, though. Besides, the HR report template files provided can help you in designing the HR report.

The HR Report Template Main Formats

Well, if you have been looking for an HR report sample, the timing really is perfect as you are on this page now. You can download the templates easily and fast. Besides, you can edit the files according to your needs.  Templates Global HR Report Templates HR Audit Example Templates HR Grievance Templates HR Management Report Templates Monthly Report Templates Professional Report Templates Quarterly Report 2 Templates Sample Corporate HR Templates Sample HR

In addition, the HR report template file formats can also support both MS Word and Google Docs. So, what are you waiting for? Just save your time and download the report templates to help you with this report. It will save you effort and time.


File File size Downloads
Templates Annual Report 457 KB 670
Templates HR Management Report 198 KB 133
Templates HR Audit Example 101 KB 110
Templates Sample HR 77 KB 11221
Templates HR Grievance 59 KB 96
Templates Global HR Report 974 KB 98
Templates Sample Corporate HR 464 KB 87

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