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Exceptional Grant Report Template to Submit Into Your Funders

The grant report template is a very useful form to utilize when you’re going to show or give an update to the funders of the accomplishment you achieve by using the grant money. Most of the funders would have general guidelines or specific requirements, but some also don’t. In case you have no guidance on how to write the report, you can use the format and design in these templates below to present it in the neat, structured, and formal ways.

Templates Common Grant Report

Final Grant Report Template

Finding a suitable funder for your organization is not always the easiest job. Once you are lucky enough to get matching one for funding your project or program, you have to create a follow-up report to submit to the grant-maker. It can raise their willingness to support the on-going or the future event that you’re going to hold.

Templates Grant Application Report

By using a quality grant report template, you can easily create a proper report to show the strength and professionalism of your organization. The compiled templates below are available with the customizable format to provide space for you to fit relevant data and the necessary narrative details to be included. The report can also be repurposed or improved into other funding applications, annual reports, or newsletters.

Grant Report Template Components

As it has been mentioned before, each funder may have different requirements for the report. However, the standard grant report template would include several things below:

1.  Project details

You have to start the report by presenting the outlines of the funded activities. It can be copied or summarized from the original application, as long as it contains the program objectives and the reasons why it is valuable or necessary.

2.  Financial statements

The purpose of creating a report is to provide financial responsibility for the grant. That’s why the accounting statements are the main part of the document. It is possible to include your organization’s overall financial reports too if required.

3.   The result, impact, and lessons

Explain the difference that your funding project has created. You may describe the answered questions and lesson you’ve learned during the event, how the event’s going on and the changes you’re expected. Sharing what you’re learning during the project to the funder is also equally important.

4.  Future plans

After the project has been completed, future projections and plans should also be included in the report. Give an overview of your organization or the program direction in the next step.

Grant Report Template Attachments

Aside from the report, it is totally possible to attach additional materials as supportive items. Here are several acceptable examples of it:

  • Documentation of the event
  • Newspaper articles
  • Links to the media interviews
  • Gratitude letters from the event’s participant
  • Pictures, art, or any other materials that created by the participant

Templates Grant Expense Report

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Be ready to make the funders impressed by the proper report that you created with the help of the grant report template. Let them know that your organization is using the outcomes-oriented approach, thus they can give full trust in handling the funds.   Templates Grant Final Report Sample Templates Grant Financial Report Templates Grant Performance Report Templates Grant Progress Report Templates Grant Status Report Templates Quarterly Grant Report Templates Travel Grant Report

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