Grant Budget Template

Grant Budget Template: Grant Writing, Proposal Template, and Budgeting

To easily write a grant proposal budget, you need to comprehend some basic principles such as the way to present your project’s costs. Besides, you will need all of the people who take responsibility for the project like your business partners and staff to arrange the grant budget in a team.

Basic Grant Budget Template sample

Another step you can do to prepare a good grant proposal budget is using the grant budget template to make the budgeting less stressful. It may vary in the grant periods. You can edit to adjust it depends on your needs, but basically it lists all of these needs:

The Direct Costs in Grant Budget Template

It presents the amount of money that you will ask from the funding source. The core part of a grant budget template is broken down into:

  1. Personnel

This category includes the costs of project directors, staff, and all who are involved in project activities. Do not forget to fix the wage period whether it is hourly or annually.


  1. Fringe benefits

They are mandatory taxes and benefits that employers must pay to the employees or all of the coverage needed for employment. Fringe benefits also cover medical insurance.


  1. Travel

The costs for travel needed during the project including meeting mandated in a request for proposal, conference attendance, and other project’s specific travels. Present the exact travel formulas and documentations for example like accommodation expenses (price for staying in a hotel per night and how long you stay), tickets (airplane/bus/train), and food costs.


  1. Equipment

Provide an explanation of specifications and documentation of the equipment your project’s need to help the funders to understand that you really need this budget to be granted. Conveying how the equipment will work for your project is also needed. You may include items that cost more than $5000 to this list.


  1. Supplies

List all of the materials to support your project here. Define how the supplies work for your project. Do not forget to categorize them based on the specific functions, for example, administration supplies, general supplies, training and education supplies, and also computer supplies. Items with costing less than $5000 may be included here.


  1. Contractual

Present the amount of money that will be given to external project partners involved in your project. You also need to describe the working scope that your project partners will contribute to your project.


  1. Construction

Here you have to input your expectation of building modifications and the costs (per square foot) if it is needed.


  1. Other

It is a miscellaneous category. You may list the costs like marketing costs, external evaluators cost, etc.

The Indirect Costs in Grant Budget Template

While the eight categories above are counted as direct costs, indirect costs in a grant budget template represent the needs for your project’s administration and facilities like insurance, utilities, cleaning service costs, etc.  Read the guidelines of grant and RFP (request for proposal) before you list this costs.

Blank Grant Budget Template sample Collaboration Grant Budget Template sample Grant Application Budget Template sample Grant Project Budget Template sample Grant Proposal Budget Template sample Research Grant Budget Template sample Small Grant Budget Template sample Training Grant Budget Template sample

Make sure to choose a well-organized grant budget template that everyone can read and understand easily. Do not forget to re-check your data and align the figures before printing it on a new page.

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