Film Budgets Template

Film Budgets Template to Plan the Film Production Process

Creating a film involves sophisticated processes. The production process will have long steps and these will include many aspects. With these complexities, good preparation is necessary. These will be needed to make sure that each detail is executed properly. In the preparation, a film budgets template can play important role. The template will be needed to make good budgeting for the film project.

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Components in the Film Budgets Template

The document of the film budgets template will have many pages. The document will mention things specific details needed for the film project. It is not only limited to the revenues and expenses in the project. Plans and stakeholders will also be mentioned in the documents. However, its main part is always about the financial aspect.

Film Television and Digital Production Budget sample

In this case, there are many components. These components become the categories and these will be necessary to list down the details. With these components, it is easy to write down and later it helps in the process of reviewing and assessing the budget.

  1. Cost of above the line

The first component refers to the creative aspect in the project of film production. It usually covers the production rights, compensation given to the creative talents, and other costs needed in the creative aspect.

  1. Below the line

This refers to the costs in more technical aspects. This covers the required equipment in the film production, fees for the production crews, the costs for sets and other technical costs.

  1. Post production

This will mention the costs needed after the production process, such as the visual effects, editing, and also publication.

  1. Other costs

These are about the additional costs unmentioned in those three points. These may also cover the emergencies to handle some unexpected issues in the production process.

Guideline to Make the Film Budgets

At least, you can have four categories in the film budgets template. In each category, there can be many details to fill. To make it much easier and more understandable, it is important to arrange things orderly. When things are organized and tidied up, it is easy to read the budget and it will also be helpful in the process of assessment.

Although there are many details, it is important to add supporting information. In some aspects, these kinds of addition can be necessary since listing down the item is not enough. Related to the additions, timetable and the complete plan may be included.

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Lastly, it is important to double-check the budgets. It cannot be only be done by person or a group. Since it will involve many aspects, it is better to have more people to check and review the document. By doing these, it will make the budget perfect.


Downloading the Film Budgets Template


It will not be easy to make the template, especially when it is for the first experience. In this case, it is possible to get the solution and it is by downloading the template. This will be easy since it is no longer needed to make the document from scratches.

Post Production Budget for Film sample Sample Documentary Budget sample Short Film Budget Template sample 1 Student Budget for Film sample

The downloadable templates have many kinds of format. There are some files in PDF format, and these will not be easy to edit and revise the document. However, some formats are in doc, docx, xls, and xlsx. These are editable and these only need Microsoft Word or Excel to revise and fill the details into the film budgets template.

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