Film Budget Template

Film Budget Template to Balance the Spending

Film production is not cheap spending that requires excellent budgeting. Many people involved in this project that increases spending. For such purpose, the producer must have a film budget template. This kind of template is available as a guideline for the next project.

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Things that Should Be in Film Budget

A producer has the responsibility to ensure the money is enough for all expenses. To make a film, several things are necessary to know. Here are the basic elements in the film budget template.

  1. Source of money

Storyline, target audience, and crew are what you find in film production. However, the most basic thing is the source of money to finance that production. As a producer, you must know where the money comes from. More importantly, you should estimate the exact money for film production. It helps to prepare the expense and another cost.

  1. Expense

Expense is everything that film production requires. For this part, the producer has assistants in various departments. Each of them contributes to making the budget then gather it in a single film budget. The expense must be as equal as money that has been allocated.

  1. Unexpected cost

One common issue in film production is an unexpected costs. Salary, location, crews, property, permit, and other things have been calculated and estimated. However, the producer and director must put the cost for emergency or unexpected situations.

Details of Film Budget Template

The film budget template has several types based on the preference you want. You use the template because you do not want to waste the time when preparing this planner from scratch. In fact, the template has been useful for many filmmakers and productions for a long time ago. You may predict and estimate what to do and how much spending you need.

  1. Basic film budget

Film production grows significantly since new technology emerges. You do not have to spend millions on making one film. Furthermore, many amateur productions show high quality without spending more money. They use a basic film budget that’s enough for daily basis tasks.

  1. Pre-production budget

For your information, film production has several stages based on the timeline. First, one is called pre-production. The producer and director calculate all expenses then implement them directly to this stage. The process does not involve acting in location. On the other hand, the production includes preparing site, property, costume, and permit.

  1. Postproduction budget

This part is the last stage after all actions are wrapped. Postproduction includes mastering sound and film itself. Furthermore, the filmmaker also creates marketing and campaign before the official release. Those activities use expenses that must be allocated in the film budget.

  1. Monthly budget

Making a film takes time and effort. You should prepare a timeline from start until the postproduction is done. Usually, the film budget uses the monthly period as it is easy to keep on track.

free film budget template sample Post Production Film Budget Template sample Pre Production Film Budget Template sample Short Film Budget Template sample

Each template has a different layout or format, but the basic content is relatively similar. As mentioned above, the sample is what you need to shorten the time and task. In the sample, everything is already listed. You just edit and complete your film budget template based on your needs. That’s what you must know about this template.


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