Family Budget Sample Template

Family Budget Sample and Template for Your Reference

Family creates budget to ensure all expenses can be fulfilled. You can prepare this budget based on the past samples you have done. Furthermore, family budget sample gives insight and prediction of the expense that family should know. More about this topic will be explored in the following section.

Bi Weekly Family Budget Template sample


Basic Things Related to Family Budget

Preparing family budget is difficult task. As long as you know what to do, the rest will be simple. Furthermore, you have past budgets and use them for reference. Below list shows the things related to family budget.

  1. Income

Family budget sample considers income as the most priority aspect. You may want many things or buy new stuffs. However, the only issue is the income or money that family earns. The income will limit spending. In budgeting, the income is calculated as precise as possible.

  1. Expense

You can use income for expense or other spending. One common problem is you have the same income every month, but not for expense. Last month you may have less spending, but the next month you require more money. You must create priority list and ensure the necessary expenses are covered properly.

  1. Saving and emergency cash

Saving is necessary in family budget. Balancing between income and expense is not enough. You can use saving for unexpected situation, even the emergency things.

Types of Family Budget Sample

Next section is about the list of family budget sample. You can choose simple budget that’s enough for basic needs. On the other side, complex budget is available for family to ensure all items are covered properly.

  1. Weekly budget

Weekly budget uses one week as period. Family determines the expenses in each day and accumulates them for one week. Spending is enough for one-week need.

  1. Bi-weekly budget

Some people think weekly budget is too short for the period. As alternative, they use bi-weekly budget. This type of budget is versatile when you require the change as fast as possible.

  1. Monthly budget

The most common sample is monthly budget. In general, the income is received monthly, which means the family uses monthly budget period. This budget contains more items from daily basis to one payment per month.

  1. Simple family budget

As it mentioned above, simple budget is enough for basic purpose. In fact, you can choose simple template and edit it properly based on what your family needs. Simple budget is capable to handle periodic budget, such as weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly.

  1. Printable budget sample

Budget is mostly in digital file that you can open and edit via computer. However, that template is in printable mode, which you can print on the plain paper.

One thing you must know is each family member has responsibility to contribute in this budget. The income is available to cover all expenses. Family will use it for food, utility, transportation, mortgage, maintenance, electricity, education, and other things.

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From family budget sample, you can learn what the items that must be in the next budget plan. Furthermore, you can also estimate the spending as accurate as possible. At the end, the budget plan is enough to balance the expense and income alongside the saving and emergency things.

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