Expense Report Sample Template

Expense Report Sample for Business Travels (and Others)

Depending on the company’s outreach, once in a while employee needs to travel to perform their job tasks. To accommodate such an event, you may need an expense report sample to create that travel report. What is the use of such a report? Is there any guideline that will help you writing this report properly? Let’s learn more about it in the following parts.

Templates Annual Business Expense Report

Expense Report Sample Use

When an employee is tasked to travel for work, every expense on that trip (particularly the one that is work-related) would be paid by the company. However, sometimes the company applied the reimbursing system to these work trips. It means that employee must use their money first to travel and receive reimbursement upon return.

Templates Annual Income and Expense Report

In this case, the report of expense that you will be downloading in here has a function to record every single work-related expense that you pay out of your pocket. It includes transportation, meals, accommodation, and so on. That way, the company will know how much to reimburse you.

Expense Report Sample Guideline

Here is the guideline to utilize the expense report sample.

1.  Writing an accurate amount of expenses

You must write the amount of each expense as charged instead of rounding it up or down. If you are rounding it down, you are likely to be losing out because you receive less than what you have paid. However, if you are rounding the amount up, it would not be good for your reputation at work.

2.  Providing proofs in the form of receipts

You need to include the receipt for every single expense you write on the report as proof. Thus, you should never throw away the receipts during a work trip. The company would want to clarify the data using valid proof.

3.  Submitting report as soon as possible

It is important to submit your report as soon as possible because then you will receive your reimbursement quickly too. Thus, you have to start writing the report during your trip. Having a template ready would be helpful for your cause.

4.  Being honest with your expenses

You should always be honest about your expenses. Most companies will only reimburse expenses that are related to work. Sometimes you might go out to get some entertainment during your work trips. The expenses that you pay for there should not be included in the report because they are personal.

Expense Report Sample Writing

You should know this information before using the expense report sample.

  1. Create heading which includes employee’s name, a period of the work trip, and travel purpose.
  2. Divide the expenses based on the day (if you stay for more than one day).
  3. Calculate the total expenses for each day.
  4. Attach the receipts alongside the report.
  5. Sign the report before submitting it.

Expense Report Sample Templates

There are various expense report sample templates that you are going to find on this page. You will find templates that are designed for monthly and annual business trips. You need to check the regulation in your company before using these templates. If you are not traveling for work, you can also find templates for house expenses. These templates are going to help you monitor your daily expenses better.  Templates Business Travel Expense Report Templates Company Monthly Expense Report Templates Company Travel Expense Report Templates Construction Company Expense Report Templates Construction Project Expense Report Templates Employee Expense Report in Templates Employee Travel Expense Report Templates Monthly Business Expense Report Templates Monthly Home Expense Report Templates Monthly Sales Expense Report Templates Monthly Travel Templates Travel and Entertainment Templates Weekly Travel Expense Report

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