Executive Summary of a Report Template

Executive Summary of a Report with Template and Samples

An executive summary of a report is part of the business that the company must know. Owners, shareholders, clients, and investors have the right to obtain information about the business, project, product, and management. They are in one report with extensive content. You need time for reading entirely. To shorten your time, the company creates an executive report.

Executive Summary of A Report Objective

The company uses an executive summary to review before taking further decisions. It is a short version of the main report. During the meeting, some members might not be familiar with the entire content. That’s why the summary will help to understand briefly.

The executive report is common for business. Contents depend on what topic should be explained. Preparing this report is no easy task unless you already have a template. All items are added into a layout that available on that template.

Executive Summary of a Report Idea and Concept

The proper executive report is no easy task to make. You must know a few things considered necessary to understand. The next list shows the factors you put at top consideration before writing an executive summary.

1.  Reader

The core of the executive summary of a report is not from writing but by the reader. You write because people want to know. Reading takes time when you provide a comprehensive report. On the other hand, a summary for the investor is different from regular employees. Therefore, the reader influences the way you make the executive reports.

2.  Content of summary

Content must be straight to the point. You simplify and shorten the word to be as concise as possible. People know what content after reading at glance.

3.  Relevant information

You may summarize all content into short sentences. However, the report still looks vast and long due to the amount of content you put. This is not an effective report and you must edit. For a solution, the only relevant information is in this report.

4.  Simple term and analysis

Even though the reader is considered highly educated, you still make a report with simple terms. Put aside any complex terms that take time to understand. You only use that common person to know easily.

Executive Summary of a Report Template and Samples

The template has various designs to fulfill what report you want to make. An executive summary of a report can be only for certain topics such as sales and finance. Certain reports are available periodically such as monthly and annual basis. Check the following list to know more about the sample and template for this report.

  1. Business executive report
  2. Sales report
  3. Monthly executive report
  4. Annual executive summary
  5. Business plan report
  6. Project summary report

Executive Summary of a Report File and Download

Using a template for the executive report has few benefits. Those are the reason why the company relies on the template. More benefits are listed in the below section.

  1. Editable and easy to customize
  2. Compatible to many platforms
  3. Free template

Templates executive report

You spend less money even free at all when downloading them. Files have a compatible layout that accessible through any software and platform. Moreover, you can edit and customize it easily. That’s what you should know about the executive summary of a report.

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