Excel Monthly Budget Template

Excel Monthly Budget that’s Easy To Implement

Monthly budget is common thing to do in order to ensure the money is enough for all expenses. Family uses this period budget regularly. Moreover, the company or organization also relies on monthly budget. For personal use, the monthly budget will list all spending. In order to support such purpose, there is the excel monthly budget with relevant format.

Basic House Hold Monthly Budget Template sample


The Benefits of Monthly Budget

You can prepare money and expense for one month. After that, evaluate it at the end of month and repeat this process for the following months. This is what commonly called monthly budget because the money is allocated for monthly period.

In business, monthly budget is a part of financial system that controls spending. Finance department calculates how much spending and expense for one month. After that, each department or division will receive enough money to support.

Excel monthly budget is implemented due to some benefits. You can control what you earn and spend properly. Furthermore, the equal position is not enough because you must have saving. In business, saving is useful for emergency.

Company Monthly Budget Template sample

Budgeting estimates the spending based on previous experience. The budget information you made last month will be useful for the next month. You can expect similar thing and add certain items that likely to happen. This kind of projection requires more money.

The Kinds of Excel Monthly Budget

The next section explores the types of excel monthly budget. Each template has different content and style, but with relatively similar objective. You can choose based on what you need the most.

  1. Personal monthly budget

This budget is commonly for personal use. You can prepare budget on your own for one month. After that, you just make it again and continue until one year. The template is simple and easy to adjust with personal preferences.

  1. Simple budget

You do not need complex budget just for monthly period. In fact, the simple budget is enough to cover the most important expenses. As long as you make the priority list, the simple template will do the rest.

  1. Business budget

This budget is for business or company. As it mentioned above, the company has responsible to estimate and calculate the budget in monthly period. The money must be in good spending that brings more value in return.

  1. Sales and marketing monthly budget

Sales and marketing division can use monthly budget for operation. Marketing prepares strategy and then implement it to boost the sales. Their work spends more money and the company can see the result from sales figure.

  1. Student monthly budget

Students have responsibility in managing budget as well. Some schools offer incentive even free expense. However, students still require the book, supply, and other things. That’s why they must prepare monthly budget.

  1. Mortgage budget

Another reason for having monthly budget is mortgage. You must calculate and estimate the mortgage per month including the other loans.

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The template is in the excel file type, which is common for budgeting. You can find the template that’s compatible to your needs. Keep in mind the file requires excel software or other that can open it without issue. The file is still raw template that contains items based on the list you choose. You just need to add or remove some of them to make sure excel monthly budget is relevant.

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