Excel Business Budget Template

Using Excel Business Budget Template

All businesses use budgeting to maintain the financial stability. You cannot spend money recklessly. More importantly, the business must produce profit. In order to do budgeting, you can rely on excel business budget template. Well, the template has several designs and outlines based on the business you have.

Business Expense Budget Template Excel sample


The Purposes of Business Budget

People can do budgeting, even though it is only for personal use. They can manage and allocate the money at several expenses. In personal use, the money will cover any cost. Unfortunately, the money and resources are limited. This situation needs proper management, including the budgeting.

Business Plan Budget Template Excel sample

In business, expense is the thing that company always spends. Small or big companies cannot ignore spending even the revenue is no longer available. When entering the market, the company prepares many things, such as marketing, employees, and production. Those are the examples of expenses.

You can use excel business budget template for several purposes. Knowing how much revenue and expense is not enough. You must understand how the budgeting works.

  1. Balancing expense and revenue

At first step, you should balance the expense and revenue. Budgeting estimates the money you spend at certain expense. Many items and costs have to be covered, but the money is limited. Therefore, you must balance the spending.

  1. Prevent over spending

Another purpose is to avoid over spending. Expense is the cost you pay in order to obtain value. Budgeting controls money you spend and estimate how much exactly you need. Moreover, estimation is what budgeting does, but you must close the gap between planning and implementation.

  1. Preparing for emergency

Business is always in high risk, regardless the field and market you enter. In fact, new business cannot proceed to the next two years because it is already failed in the first year. You must give high regard to the company that passes five years period. Such business is managed in keen with controllable budgeting. One aspect you should consider is the emergency situation. Budgeting must allocate enough money for emergency case.

Types of Business Budget

You can have excel business budget template from various sources. Excel has been the top software when you want to create spreadsheet file. It is easy to do editing in excel alongside many features you add for improvement. Some templates for business budget are listed in the following section.

  • Simple budget template
  • Business expense budget
  • Startup budget
  • Weekly budget
  • Monthly budget

Well, template is ready file you can use for any purpose. Simple template helps for general budgeting. Small business usually relies on simple and basic template when creating budget. The items and expenses are not as much as big corporation. Simple template is enough, and employer can continue improving the business model.

Excel Annual Business Budget Template sample Excel Monthly Business Budget Template sample Excel New Business Budget Template sample Excel Small Business Budget Template sample Excel Start Up Business Budget Template sample Retail Business Budget Template Excel sample

Many templates have different format, but the basic function is similar. You can choose and download the one that you need the most. At first, the file is still in raw outline that contains necessary items. You can add or delete some lists then change into your own content. After that, check and review the excel business budget template again thoroughly.

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