Energy Audit Report Template

Energy Audit Report Templates Contribution for Energy Saving

Energy audit report templates guide you to present the identification of energy utilized by a company. Typically, it is started with the walkthrough also a checklist of the monitoring progress to gain information about the company’s energy consumption.

Templates a report on energy audit

The Energy Audit Report Template Advantages

When it comes to making the more complicated energy audit report that including the financial calculation related to the company’s energy consumption, working with energy audit report templates will save your time and energy to focus on the other works.

Templates Building Energy Audit Report

Moreover, the energy audit report of a company or facility can also cover code compliance with the schedule of the company’s equipment or facility maintenance.

Energy Audit Report Templates Main Functions

Also, an energy audit report is supposed to assess the current energy consumption history of a company, organization, or facility. It has a purpose to make better improvements and changes in the energy utilizing of a company. Besides, energy audit report templates have several other functions that may benefit the users.

  1. Record all the detail of energy auditing accurately including specific tasks, findings and data gathered, and method used in the energy auditing progress in a formal document.
  2. Inform the users about the energy their company has consumed and remind them to cut down their spending on energy consumption.
  3. Help the users to find a way to work on energy saving effectively without disturbing the employees’ working productivity or affecting the business.

Energy Audit Report Templates Types

Depends on the situation, an energy audit report can be divided into four different kinds. Know the type of report that your company or organization needs before deciding to utilize the right template to ease your work.

1.  Benchmarking report

The main concern of this report type is distinguishing a company by the performance indexes usage by comparing the company’s measured current energy consumption to another company’s. It helps to identify if there are any excessive expenses on energy consumption.

2.  WTA (Walk-Through Audit) report

This is the simplest type of energy audit report. It can be done quickly by identifying the areas where excessive consumption of energy is detected through reviewing the bills, interviewing the site-operating staff, etc.

3.  General audit report

On contrary with WTA, the general audit provides highly specific details of information related to the company’s operations and the evaluation of energy consumption by analyzing 12 until 36 months of the company’s utility bills.

4.  Investment-grade audit report

The report of energy used for the operations, maintenance expenses, and industrial operations of a company. It provides

The Importance of Using Energy Audit Report Templates

The energy audit report provides accurate information for the company to identify bad habits of energy consumption. At the same time, it helps in finding solutions to maximize energy utilization wisely and keep the cost low.  Templates dept of energy office audit report Templates Energy Audit Report National Ballet School Templates energy audit report on a technical issue Templates energy audit report 1 Templates Energy audit Templates eros city square energy audit report Templates Oregon State University Energy Audit Templates template of energy audit report

By using energy audit report templates, companies will have access to increase their employees’ awareness related to habits or activities that support energy saving and educate them to change their bad habits.

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