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Marketing Business Efficiently with End of Year Report Template

Every company publishes an end of the year or annual report presenting the financial statements to assess the company’s performance during a year and discuss the future performance including prospects for the company. An end of year report template will help you out to create a professional report to send to the stakeholders and other potential parties.

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Using End of Year Report Template as Marketing Tool

Many companies view their end of year report as an effective marketing tool since the report can be a chance to prove their credibility to the stakeholders or even the public. Therefore, investing a large amount of money to make the report as informative and attractive as possible is common.

Choosing Effective End of Year Report Template

There are various concepts, formats, or themes of the end of the year report template. It will depend on the company that uses it. However, an effective end of year report is the one that conveys the strategies of the company to grow profit and to perform the best.

End of Year Report Template Target Audiences

Besides the company stakeholders and potential parties like investors as the primary target audiences, there are other target audiences of an end of year report as shown in the following list below.

1.  Company shareholders or employees

Employees involved a lot at an end of year report template by their working contribution to the company. Employees can use the report to enhance their understanding of the company and to remind them of their working impact that values for the company.

2.  Customers

The end of year report is useful to promote the mission and main values of the company to customers, also proof the company’s credibility by showing the financial strength.

3.  Suppliers

The report builds a better awareness for the suppliers about the level of work and services that the company expected from them for a further business relationship.

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The reputation of a company in a community as another important target audience is represented by the end of year report that contains its financial performance during the year. The more the company presented a big contribution to the community, the more positive reputation the company will get.

End of Year Report Template Basic Elements

If you have decided to use an end of year report template to cut down your workload, make sure that the one you choose has included the important basic elements of an annual report to keep it as professional work.

  1. General description of the company.
  2. Audited financial statements of the company. It includes income, cash flow, and financial position.
  3. Analysis and discussion about the company’s financial state over the two previous years.
  4. A brief description and information about the company’s business performance in recent years.
  5. The list of the directors of the company, also the executive officers.
  6. Dividends paid by the company and the market price of the stock.  Templates Sample Annual Report Download Templates Steel Companey Annual Report

If the report only includes the basic information, two pages length is needed for this most simple end of the year report template. However, it is still meet the legal requirement of an end of year report while the production cost can be suppressed.


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