Employee Activity Report Template

Employee Activity Report Template and Its Samples

The business has one goal, which is profit. The company hires employees to do the task and sell a product. To know whether they work properly or not, reports must be created regularly. This kind of report is mostly repetitive. To make an efficient file, you can rely on the employee activity report template.

Templates Daily Activity Report for Temporary Employee

Employee Activity Report Template Idea and Purpose

The company uses the employee activity report template for several purposes. Design and ideas depend on what goal that report must achieve. As you know, the information in that report is important for the decision-making process.

1.  Productivity

The report explains what tasks and works have been done. The employee has a target and obliges to fulfill. More completed works are done which means productivity is at a high level. Measuring this level is what the report does.

2.  Sales and transaction

The company also uses the report to review sales and transactions. An employee who sells more products is considered high performance and top productivity. From the report, the company can review and decide on further work plans.

3.  Performance

Performance is the key that makes the employee is hired for a long period. The best employee is not just skillful but also high performance to any task. Moreover, performance must be consistent and the report will tell more about that matter.

4.  Benefits and compensation

From the report, the company decides how much salary and compensation should employees receives. This part is strongly related to productivity and performance. High benefits mean employee works properly and efficiently.

Employee Activity Report Template Outline and Layout

Design for employee reports is mostly form and table. It has items that the employer must know. The layout can mix form consist of text and number. In this report, there is information about the date and time to indicate the reporting period. The next items are mostly related to activity and work.

Templates Employee Daily Activity Report

Each activity has specific measurements and scale. You may try to modify with checklist option when something is done. Most contents are quantitatively measured through number. Even though the report has text and writing content, the template can transform into number measurement for easy review.

Employee Activity Report Template and Design

You will find many designs for the employee activity report template. Each is dedicated for a specific purpose such as sales, finance, project, and event. Some templates use time-based mode such as daily, weekly, monthly, and annually. Check the following list for more examples.

  1. Daily activity report
  2. Project activity report
  3. Sales activity report
  4. Weekly and monthly report

Employee Activity Report Template File and Format

All templates use a format that commonly accessible to every device. You can download and do editing with a format such as a word and pdf. If you need online access, the google docs template is preferable. For Mac users, the template is also available with format Apple pages.  Templates Employee Monthly Activity Report Templates Employee Personnel Activity Report Templates Employee Weekly Activity Report Templates Employee Work Activity Report

Even though the format is different between one platform and others, the content is similar. You can choose the file, and the format is just an option to ensure the device is compatible. Furthermore, you can edit it offline and online depending on the system and platform you use. That’s the benefit you get from an employee activity report template.

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