Disciplinary Report Template

Disciplinary Report Template for Employee and Company

You are in charge of making disciplinary reports that employees make. This is a tough and sensitive job that you must administer properly. To make a simple disciplinary report, you must have a template. The template keeps content and action in check. Only facts and necessary information are in the report.

Templates Disciplinary Report Form.

The employer hires employees to do a certain job. They follow rules and regulations, but the situation might not what they expect. Employees violate rules that affect many aspects. This condition must be solved properly. The supervisor or manager has a responsibility to create a report related to disciplinary action. Such a report explains what exactly happened and how the solution is implemented.

Disciplinary Report Idea and Concept

The idea of the disciplinary reports is not new for employees and companies. Businesses and corporations must use all resources as efficiently as possible including workers. On the other side, the human side makes workers are vulnerable to mistake and violated actions. This is the main reason why the HR department creates a proper report template for disciplinary wrongdoing.

Templates employeedisciplinaryactionform

Before preparing the report, several things must be considered properly. This report must come from people who have rights and authority. Usually, employees have a supervisor who responded to every task they do. When something bad happens, the supervisor takes action to overcome all problems. Therefore, he or she sends a report that the template is already available.

Disciplinary Report Contents and Outlines

Some contents are necessary to be in this kind of report. You can distinguish between one report and another just from outline and contents. For the disciplinary reports, the common outline is listed in the following section.

1.  Name and identity

The first thing on the report is the person or people who made a mistake. In this case, name and identity are a crucial part of this report. Some companies do not use the name but add employment ID or anything to refer a certain person.

2.  List of actions and facts

The report provides a list of actions or events as detail as possible. All writings are about facts without additional statements. To prevent bias, the report can utilize a list of events that the supervisor can choose.

3.  Statement and explanation

This part is for a statement from employees and employers. As you know, the statement might contain writing that not as facts. However, the employee has the right to explain what happened.

4.  Punishment and solution

Solution and punishment may have different names or words in the various report but the main idea is still similar. The report provides a solution as fast as possible. Furthermore, employers and companies should give punishment or action to the employee.

Disciplinary Report Template and Sample

You will find many templates for this kind of report. Design and layout are various but basic contents are quite similar. You can download more than one sample to ensure all necessary items are already available. Files are ready on many platforms such as PDF, Apple page, and google docs.

Disciplinary Report Template Download

The disciplinary report template is not something you can make in a short time. The company and the HR department has to decide what layout and items that should be in that report. That’s why the ready template is a quick solution. You download directly and do editing to adjust to your situation. Another benefit is free which anyone can obtain without paying a fee.  Templates staffadmindiscaction

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