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Data analysis might still sound familiar to the general public. Even in business, data analysis reports are very different from business reports in general. Data analysis is generally widely used in the fields of statistics and research. If you are a data analyst, it would not hurt you to see the example of a data analysis report template. It might be useful as a reference.

Templates Analysis Report

How Important A Data Analysis Report Template Is?

With the rapid advancement of technology and information at this time, the data processed by several companies are increasingly numerous and complex. Processing raw data into information that can be used quickly becomes very necessary. Due to a large amount of data, data analysis reports can sometimes be very complicated. Therefore, the data analysis report template will certainly facilitate the formulation of data and minimize errors.

Data Analysis Report Template Structure

Data analysis reports are not like a research paper or even research articles in scientific journals. This report contains the results of the analysis of related data which is made into a collection of information. Therefore, it is better understood by your colleague or boss/supervisor. In general, the data analysis report template has the following structure.

  1. Introduction
  2. Body
  3. Conclusion or Discussion
  4. Appendix
  1. Templates BeLL Qualitative Data Analysis Report

Data Analysis Report Template Types

In writing the analysis data report, there are several types of templates you use as needed. Hopefully, the free sample templates on this page can help you in writing various types of data analysis reports. The following is an example of an analysis report that’s used quite often.

1.  Business Data Analysis Report

In the business world, data analysis can greatly benefit your company. You can collect various factors that affect business operations and search for relevant data. By processing these data, you can develop better marketing strategies to improve your business.

2.  Project Analysis Report

The project analysis report is a document that contains detailed inspection information on all aspects of the project being worked on. Project analysis itself plays an important role in terms of implementation, design, feasibility, and evaluation of the project being carried out. It is important to make sure the project is completed on time without any risks attached to it.

3.  Analytical Report

This report is almost the same as a business report that provides users with recommendations in making important decisions. You not only get information, but also in-depth analysis that helps you to understand the situation. In other words, this report contains suggestions or recommendations based on the data used.

Tips to Write on Data Analysis Report Template

By using the data analysis report template, the formulation and writing of the results will indeed be easier. However, there are things you need to remember when writing this report. These are as follows.

  1. Understand your audience.
  2. Arrange your report, so it is easily understood by various types of audiences.
  3. Write information in detail and objectively.
  4. Make your report as simple as possible.
  5. Don’t forget to edit and revise the report before it is presented.  Templates paper structure


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