Construction Incident Report Template

Construction Incident Report Template for Workplace Safety Record

Incidents in the workplace, no matter small or big, would affect and impact anyone involved in negative ways. You can indeed build and establish safety procedures for the workers, but sometimes it cannot be avoided. It could also happen at any work settings, and the construction site is amongst one of the locations where it happened the most due to its circumstances. In case this unwanted case happened, you have to create and keep a record of the unfortunate event. These pieces of construction incident report template may be helpful for you to present one.

Templates Construction Accident Incident Report

Construction Incident Report Template Forms

Incident itself is an umbrella term for any situation, condition or occurrence that resulted in injuries, fatalities, health damage, or illnesses during the work course. It is also used to refer to interruption due to unplanned events that may cause damage or injury to the property. However, some people used the term “incident” to describe the occurrence that nearly or potentially causes damage or injury without actually causing it.

Templates Construction Fire Incident Report

The reasons why you should use a construction incident report template to create the document regarding the situation is to help the investigation that may be used for:

  1. Finding out the cause of incidents
  2. Determining the due to the damage
  3. Processing the compensation claims of the involved party
  4. Fulfilling the requirements of the law

Construction Incident Report Template Elements

There are various types of construction incident report template available. Some even have a special and extensive form of incident reporting. These are the basic components of the report you have to include inside:

1.  Facts about the incident

In this section, you have to present accurate information about the specific location, as well as the date and time it happened. Write down the identity of the involved worker, immediate supervisor, and the witnesses’ accounts.

2.  The sequence of the events

Determine and describe the sequence in details based on only facts in this order:

  • The events that led up to the incident, such as the workers’ position or activity, mention the equipment that’s being present if there was any.
  • The events that are involved in the incident, which is the description of the workers’ circumstances such as falling from a certain height level.
  • The events that are following the incident, which reveals what actions are taken right after the incident happened, taking first air, asking for help, and so on.

3.  Analyzes and recommendation

Provide an in-depth analysis of the reason why the incident happened and the corrective actions regarding it.

The significance of Using Construction Incident Report Template

Creating a report following the incident is important because it is the key to establish and develop workplace safety for your employees that would affect the business. There is a better chance that similar incidents can be avoided in the future by creating a factual report.

Free Construction Incident Report Template to Download

If you need to use the construction incident report template then simply download, edit, and print the provided form samples here. It could be used for the company’s record or to hand it in to the investigator.  Templates Construction Incident Investigation Report Templates Construction Incident Report Templates Construction Incident Report Form Templates Construction Incident Report Format Templates Construction Job Site Incident Report Form Templates Construction Safety Incident Report Form Templates Construction Site Incident Report

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