Conference Budget Template

Choosing the Best Conference Budget Template

To manage and to plan your upcoming conference, the budget takes a big contribution to the success of your big event. Before using a conference budget template, you have to set and understand well what kind of conference you will held, also to analyze the loss and profit you might get.

Annual Conference Budget sample


Important Notes before Choosing a Conference Budget Template

Before creating a budget for conference, you have to keep these suggestions in your mind.

  1. Try to look back to the previous conferences to get some feedbacks, especially if it is your first time experience taking a charge in a conference. Having a discussion with previous conference organizer will also help to overcome the issues in creating budget for conference.
  2. Determine your fixed costs and variable costs. You have to make sure that budget template put them in separated way.
  3. Avoid the risk of being pushed out of budget limit. Always prepare for the unpredictable expenses. Spare around 15% of your total budget as a “breathing space”.
  4. Ensure the taxes are included into your budget. There is an exception if your conference is hold below a non-profit organization. Therefore, you can be qualified for tax dispensation.

Business Conference Budget Template sample


Time to Choose Your Template

After making sure that all of your idea and costs are settled well, you may browse and download free conference budget template available online. Choose the template that suits your type of conference well and provide the details to make your budgeting easier. You may just use your template if you feel it is already represent all of your needs, or you can adapt and add your things into the template as you want.

Conference Attendance Budget Template sample


What Compose a Good Conference Budget Template?

These are some points to be included in a conference budget template:

  1. Income

It might be broken down into some details like registration fee, workshops, exhibitors, sponsorships, and funding.

  1. Conference fixed costs

Costs that do not depend on the amount of the participants attending the conference, including:

  • Administration costs like supplies, stationery, conference bank account set-up, pre-conference venue visit costs, travels, accommodation, event organizer fee, speaker fee, gifts, etc.
  • Technology costs for example website design, website hosting, website domain, registration system, management system, online timetable, mobile conference app, etc.
  • Venue costs cover venue hire, furniture rental, staffing, etc.
  • AV (Audio and Visual) costs including the expenses for projectors, screens, microphones, lighting, Wi-Fi, laptops, technicians, and other miscellaneous.
  • Social event costs about room hire, entertainment, transportations, etc.
  • Marketing costs for example logo design cost, timetable, fliers, advertisements, banners or posters, etc.
  • Contingency or emergency fund.
  1. Conference variable costs

It will be depended on the amount conference participants. The budget template will let you to put the cost for each person then times it with the total participants, so you will get the total variable costs. The conference budget template will list things like registration fees, name badges, welcome reception cost, coffee breaks, lunch, social event, book of proceedings, conference souvenirs, etc. to here.

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